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Taught by bilingual teachers, our Czech British Primary School (Česko Britská Základní Škola) programme combines the best in Czech and international education. Our Czech nationals master the core subjects and languages, while enjoying a breadth of opportunities that nurture their talents and interests.
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Our curriculum

Our Czech British Primary School (Česko Britská Základní Škola) programme teaches the Czech National Curriculum and International Primary Curriculum. Designed for Czech nationals, our students learn in both English and Czech. This prepares them for the next stage in their education at PBIS.

In our small classes sizes, teachers tailor each child’s learning experience to their needs, interests, and educational objectives. English is taught every day through our English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme.

Alongside outstanding teaching in the core subjects, music, languages, and PE form a part of the curriculum.  We prioritise our students’ personal development celebrating unique talents, strengths, and interests, and support your child to become a composed, responsible and independent young person. We also look after their wellbeing. At morning circle time, for example, we talk about how each child is feeling, address any concerns, and discuss their hopes for the day.

We also run an after-school club for non-Czech students who want to learn the language.