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Land Art unit of work by Grade 8 in Visual Art

Land Art unit of work by Grade 8 in Visual Art

Land Art also known as Earth art, Environmental Art and Earthworks is an art movement that emerged in the 1960’s largely in Great Britain and the United States. Materials used were often of the Earth, soil, rocks, vegetation, water and ice and the works were often distant from population centres. The art movement was rejecting urban living showing an enthusiasm for that which is rural.

Grade 8 students analysed the style of Land Art and created their own artwork inspired primarily by Andy Goldsworthy and concepts explored. They took risks by working in an organic process. No pre-designing was allowed. Students had to look and select materials that they found outside, to be inspiring. They had to then have a focus of an Art Element:  line, shape, colour, texture or form when creating their Land Art. Students were asked to document the process of their creation with photographs or a time lapse video. The Grade 8 students were highly creative and innovative in their research, process and documentation acquiring and developing skills. Their response to this unit and challenge was inspiring showing a caring connection with the nature in their surroundings. We are currently planning to do this unit next year, only this time it will be utilising our own school grounds and for the Léman community to experience for themselves.