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11 February, 2018

High Five in Primary School

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High Five in Primary School
High Five in Primary School

High Five Principles in Primary

Our Primary students are fully embracing the new ‘High Five’ guiding principles that are explored in assembly each week. On Thursday, Mr Burgess introduced the next ‘finger’ which was 'Accept Responsibility'. After watching a short video clip for inspiration, Mr Burgess encouraged the students to think of ways that they can take responsibility within the home and at school. Some students have taken the time to consider what each of the principles mean by creating their own ‘High Five’ posters at home. It is always a pleasure to see students leading their own learning and being resourceful at home. If you walk into your child’s classroom, you will also see the ‘High Five’ design strategically placed on the whiteboard which is used to ignite discussion with the students. Why not test your child on the ‘High Five’ at home to see if they can recall them and tell you what each of them mean!


Just before the end of Autumn Term, five of our Primary students were entered into the Nord Anglia Education Creative Writing Competition. The task was to write 500 words under the theme ‘Down in the Dumps’, relating to recycling. We are pleased to announce that Priya Bhattacharya in 5I has had her entry shortlisted and her piece will be used, amongst others, for the upcoming Visual Arts Competition. What a great achievement!


The Primary classes with the highest attendance last week and who will receive extra Golden Time this week are: