The impact of the Juilliard programme on our students-the-impact-of-the-juilliard-programme-on-our-students-Nord Anglia Education
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11 February, 2018

The impact of the Juilliard programme on our students

The impact of the Juilliard programme on our students-the-impact-of-the-juilliard-programme-on-our-students-20170925_122420
The impact of the Juilliard programme on our students
The impact of the Juilliard programme on our students

Music can have a profound impact on your child’s education. Whether it is learning to improvise or understanding music notes and composition, children experience a range of transferable skills just by practising the keyboard.

Perhaps the most exciting outcome of The Julliard Programme is the impact on interdisciplinary skills. Our students are constantly exploring ways in which they can develop as rounded individuals. The skills gained in music, not only aid them in other subjects but futureproof their skills, equipping them as confident, expressive, collaborative and culturally aware life-long learners.

According to The Future of Jobs: Employment, Skills and Workforce Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a report released by the World Economic Forum, the fast-paced technological advances will change the way we work, live and interact with each other forever.


Top 10 skills needed for the 21st Century

            In 2020                                                                                         In 2015

1.  Complex Problem Solving                                                 1. Complex Problem Solving

2.  Critical thinking                                                                      2. Coordinating with Others

3.  Creativity                                                                                   3. People Management

4.  People Management                                                            4. Critical Thinking

5.  Coordinating with Others                                                  5. Negotiation

6.  Emotional Intelligence                                                        6. Quality Control

7.  Judgment and Decision Making                                      7. Service Orientation

8.  Service Orientation                                                               8. Judgment and Decision Making

 9. Negotiation                                                                              9. Active Listening

10. Cognitive flexibility                                                             10. Creativity

Source: Future of Jobs Report, World Economic Forum January 2016

In the music lessons it was noted that the programme was having a high level of impact on students in the following areas:

Intrinsic Motivation

Collaboration skills



Global Awareness

Ability to work independently

Problem solving

As part of the programme, NAISAK will receive a visit from Jessica Meyer (Juilliard Alumni) next week and we’re looking forward in showing her the progress our students have made since the start of the year.