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24 March, 2019

Primary School - A visit from the vet

Primary School - A visit from the vet
Primary School - A visit from the vet

During the term, the children have had some great experiences of practical learning including a special visit from Dr Siham, a Veterinarian Doctor and parent. Dr Siham came into Foundation Two to share her knowledge and skills with the children. She delivered an interesting presentation to the children about the roles and responsibilities of a vet and how we can all share in looking after our pets and other animals including: dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and cows, by caring for them, ensuring they are given food, water, exercise and attention as well as keeping healthy by visits to the vet for vaccinations and medical care.

The children were fascinated and it gave them a wonderful insight into some of the different things that happen at the vets. Dr Siham also brought in some of the equipment she uses in her role as a Veterinarian such as masks, tweezers and syringe. The children had the opportunity to ask questions as well as enjoy some interactive learning games as part of the presentation. The children thought about the different animals and the sounds they make. We really appreciated the time Dr Siham gave to make it fun and interesting for the children.  

It was another example of parents giving time generously to support our children’s learning. We have already had Mr Champion organise our trips to learn about Fire and Safety, Mr Van Der Merwe with the Ambulance and Paramedic visit and now Dr Siham with Vets. The children learn so much more from memorable experiences so if you the parents and families would like to share your skills and expertise with us to help bring the learning alive for the children, please do not hesitate to contact us as we would love to hear from you.

Tracey Phillips
Foundation Stage Leader