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26 January, 2023

Year 6 NAISAK Students 'Make the News'

Year 6 NAISAK Students 'Make the News'

Year 6 students at NAISAK have been learning the topic, 'Making the News'. This topic has seen the students take on the roles of reporters, directors, actors, and editors, to create their own news stories.

The first step was for each student to write their own play-script, which covered the news story they wanted to tell. After this, the students rehearsed the script and decided what props and costumes they would need for their performance.

Next, the students filmed their news stories, which looked like the most exciting part of the topic. Finally, each student edited their footage to create a final news story.

This project was a great opportunity for the students to develop their communication, collaboration, and presentation skills in a fun and engaging way. It was also a great chance for the students to be creative and express themselves while learning more about the news industry.

Overall, it was a fantastic project that allowed the students to explore their creative sides and develop important life skills.