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14 October, 2019

Primary School - 14th October 2019

Primary School

Positive Education at NAISAK

Here at NAISAK, we aim to create a happy, caring and safe environment, which will be conducive both to students’ well-being and learning. We encourage our students to make good choices throughout the school day and we believe that structures, routines, firmness, kindness and follow-through are key. The structures, routines and follow-through that adults maintain in our school create the regularity and predictability our students need to know that they are safe. We can do this without shaming, blaming or humiliating anyone. Our teachers strive to be KIND AND FIRM at the same time.

Last year, as part of our school’s improvement plan, the whole staff devoted a lot of time to developing a new Positive Education Policy which aligns our vision and mission to actual student outcomes. This new policy was the focus of one of our recent staff professional development sessions. Teaching staff from primary and secondary came together to familiarise themselves with the expectations of our new whole-school approach to behaviour for learning. We are hoping to weave the teaching of social and emotional skills into the fabric of every school day.

To support our goals in school and as part of our ongoing commitment to create an inclusive and collaborative school community, we hosted a Positive Discipline for Parents Coffee Morning. This session was run by two of our very own Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educators, Ms Cassandra and Ms Sana. It was a wonderful opportunity for reflection and discussion about various parenting challenges. Parents engaged in some hands-on and practical activities to explore some new ideas about how to deal with some typical child behaviours we face as parents and educators. These activities included: Life Skills, Do Vs Don’t, Asking Vs Telling, Do as I Say among others. It was so rewarding to share this experience with members of our parent community.

Over the coming months, we hope to provide parents with some valuable tools they can use to build mutually respectful relationships, effectively problem solve issues and help their children to learn self-control and self-discipline. We will be holding our next coffee morning sessions on:

Sunday, 3rd November at 7:20 a.m

Sunday, 1st December at 7:20 a.m.

These sessions will take place in the Dance Studio and will last approximately 50 minutes. We look forward to seeing you there.

Nicholas Jefferson
Head of Primary School


Talk for Writing Year 5
This week in year 5, the children have been writing an information text all about alien schools on Mars. The children analysed a modelled text and picked out the features of non-fiction writing. After that, the children followed a text map to learn and recite words and actions from the text. Throughout the week we also looked at our use of punctuation, and even used colons and semicolons! Next week, the children will be creating their own, independent piece of writing titled: All about alien schools.

Primary School - 14th October 2019 - primary-school
Primary School - 14th October 2019 - primary-school
Primary School - 14th October 2019 - primary-school



Hair Salon in Foundation Years
Mr Nick wanted to have a haircut, so, fortunately, Foundation 2 classroom had a hairdresser’s salon set up all ready to go.  He was delighted with the results but confessed he was slightly worried when he was approached by several children waving scissors in the air.

Primary School - 14th October 2019 - primary-school
Primary School - 14th October 2019 - primary-school