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02 December, 2019

Primary School - December 2019

Primary School

I am delighted to announce the appointments for Head/ Deputy Boy and Girl for the primary school. We had a number of applicants who were all of a very high standard. The final candidates were chosen from students who exemplify good behaviour, grades and attendance. Each student was asked to submit a piece of writing about why they would make a good Head Boy or Girl. I have included extracts from the successful applications below.

Extracts from their applications

Head Boy
Nathan Keymer
Primary School - December 2019 - primary-school

While I’m Head Boy, I’ll plan events and trips for primary and make lessons more fun for students. I’ll also take ideas from students and tell Mr. Nick / Ms. Rebecca about them so they can make plans for any trips and events for 2019-2020 for pupils of NAISAK. During my time of being Head Boy, I would make sure every year group of primary class gets a chance of going on a trip.

Head Girl
Khadija Warood

Primary School - December 2019 - primary-school
I’m always creative. I come up with the most unusual ideas yet very helpful. I will never forget to stop using my imagination since its nearly a whole part of my life. I want this school to be a better place by using our creativity.

I have a very positive attitude too. All I care about is trying to achieve my goals. When something goes the other way I’m not angry instead, I think back and try to spot what must have caused this problem. Then I try again!


Deputy Head Girl
Ayesha Shahzad
Primary School - December 2019 - primary-school

Being the Deputy Head girl requires a lot of sacrifice, hard work, tolerance and gratitude but with the help and cooperation of both the teachers and students, I assure that I will be able to live up to your expectations. There is no limitation to what we can achieve.

I have seen so many teachers and students enter the school, display their own great characters and leave behind fond memories. Being the Deputy Head Girl isn’t about being better than anyone else. It’s about having the trust of the student body to organize and represent them with honesty and enthusiasm, whenever called upon and hopefully, I can earn your trust in time.


Deputy Head Boy
Abhay Sewraj

Primary School - December 2019 - primary-school
Today I’m not going to talk about what I can do, rather I’m going to talk about what WE can do together as a team and as a family.

Like many of my classmates and friends we all love superheroes, be it DBZ, Benten, Gumball, Power Puff Girls, Avengers. The one thing we should ask ourselves is, what do they all have in common?

It’s teamwork, and that everyone and every goal is possible if we work together as a team. Behind every great team, there is a teacher. A leader that sparks individual greatness. A leader that represents the values of our school, by building relationships with everyone and treating everyone as a family regardless of where we come from or what language we speak.

At the end of the day, we should strive to be the best versions of ourselves. And if I get voted, I don’t want you to be like, “Oh, no it’s the Deputy Head Boy”!

I am a friend that is here to help, care and guide you my friends in any way possible.

Nicholas Jefferson
Head of Primary