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Nord Anglia
12 September, 2023

Nord Anglia Education schools record another year of excellent A level results for 2022/23

Leading international schools group Nord Anglia Education has recorded another successful round of A level results. For the 2022/23 academic year, 1 in 2 (48.5%) students’ grades were A* to A, with over 71% achieving grades between A* and B — far exceeding the UK average.


Of the 16 Nord Anglia schools offering A Levels, leading the results this year was Oxford International College — one of the UK's top performing sixth form colleges — which saw 90.5% of entries at A*-A, while 97% achieved A*-B.


Another incredible result this year came from The British School of Kuala Lumpur, where 57% of grades achieved were A*-A, and 77% at A*-B.


The British School of Guangzhou also achieved an impressive 53% of grades A*-A, and 74% at A*-B.


Dr Elise Ecoff, Chief Education Officer, Nord Anglia Education, said: “We’re very proud to see our talented class of ‘23’s successes. With one in two results A* to A, it’s testament to our students’ hard work and dedication as well as our teachers’ commitment and inspiration. What’s more, we’ve continued to see a huge number of our graduates accepted into the world’s top 100 universities, and know they’ll excel and whatever they choose to do or be in life.”


As an international education provider, Nord Anglia also offers various curricula such as the International Baccalaureate. You can read more about Nord Anglia’s IB results here, where students achieved an average IB diploma score of 33.4, far exceeding the global average of 30.24.