At the British School of Guangzhou, our talented teachers will nurture your child’s love for learning together with their personal interests, motivating them to achieve more than they ever imagined possible – following the paths of remarkable British School of Guangzhou alumni who have gone on to attend the world’s leading universities.
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British School of Guangzhou students are well-balanced individuals filled with optimism, commitment to life-long learning, and determination to succeed. At our school, they’ll explore new horizons and achieve their absolute best.”
Tim Richardson
Principal, The British School of Guangzhou
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At our international school in Guangzhou, our teachers are dedicated to seeing your child thrive. We provide all the support and challenge they need to realise their potential.

We want your child to achieve their best academic results and be fully prepared for university when they leave the British School of Guangzhou.

As a leading British curriculum school in Guangzhou, our students follow the internationally recognised English National Curriculum and excel when they take their IGCSE and A-level qualifying exams. Our students’ excellent results continually open doors to the best universities in the world

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The British School of Guangzhou was the first and is the most-established British international school in Guangzhou. We’ve been setting the highest standards since 2005, enabling students to earn exceptional academic results and admission to leading global universities. 
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Academic excellence
Our mastery of the widely recognised, globally respected English National Curriculum at BSG – plus our students’ high performances on IGCSEs and A-levels – prepare them for continued success at university and beyond.
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Academic excellence

We know the English National Curriculum inside out at BSG. Thanks to our personalised approach to teaching and learning within our small class sizes, your child reaps all the benefits from the highest level of teaching tailored to their specific goals under the curriculum. Used by over 30,000 schools in the UK and overseas, the English National Curriculum’s proven effectiveness and global familiarity brings reassurance to parents and stability to our international students – significant factors for families between countries or students who aspire to attend a top university in a different nation.

We offer IGCSE qualifications followed by A-levels, which set the global standard for international education and provide our students with pathways to the best higher education. We’re incredibly proud of our students’ results. 91% of BSG students earned an A*-C in IGCSE, while 49% earned an A*-A. 98% of BSG students passed all A-levels, while 74% earned an A*-B mark, and remarkably, 53% achieved A*-A grade. 100% achieved A*-A in Arts and English.

With these kinds of results, many BSG students have been accepted to Cambridge, Imperial College, University of Toronto, KAIST, University of Edinburgh, Durham University, HKU, and King's College London – among other excellent universities.

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Exceptional learning experiences
Thanks to Nord Anglia Education, our teachers have the best professional development training in the world, helping our students receive the highest quality education. By developing a close-knit relationship with your child, our teachers motivate their performance every step of the way!  
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Exceptional learning experiences

Every student at BSG builds a unique portfolio of experiences, activities, and lessons – connecting what they’ve learned to core attributes of their character. Whether they’re engaged in competitive sports, lessons outside of class time, or community service and performing arts (as three out of dozens of possible “After-School Activities” they can choose from), they’re always connecting these meaningful experiences with a sense of who they are and who they want to become.

Our curriculum is designed to have a strong focus on applications of learning so they can create their own recipes for innovation. For example, they explore real-world problems and solutions in our Primary and Secondary STEAM programme, fuelled by MIT challenges and discoveries of the world on Global Campus (the high-tech Nord Anglia Education platform for global learning). 

In this way, we incentivise our students to build important skills like collaboration, creativity, problem solving, teamwork, and strategic risk taking. Eventually, through these various projects and experiences, they have everything they need for applying to university – no matter what they want to do or be in life.

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Advanced learning environments
At the British School of Guangzhou, we broaden your child’s horizons through diverse academics and activities. Many of your child’s most memorable experiences will happen through hands-on activities that deepen their knowledge and increase their awareness of the world.
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Advanced learning environments

Situated on the shore of South Lake, our Pre-Nursery–Year 13 campus at BSG is one of the most unique and beautiful settings of any international school in China. The breath-taking views create a wonderful backdrop to our state-of-the-art learning and athletic facilities, where our students can cluster together outdoors to create independent or collaborative working groups and explore different activities, projects, and problems. 

On our Olympic Park campus for Toddler–Year 6 students, we have an open atrium floorplan with state-of-the-art technology. The campus features age-appropriate, large play areas for our youngest students to explore and grow within as well as bright classrooms, an indoor swimming pool, and a theatre. 

Each area at BSG has been thoughtfully designed to maximise our students’ experiences. We make ongoing investments in indoor and outdoor sports, the arts, and STEAM activities. For instance, to support optimal STEAM learning, we have invested in interactive white boards, Smart TVs, iPads, MacBooks, and robotics – fostering a variety of skills in our students.

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World class teachers
Through many different service activities, our students expand their social consciousness and discover ways they can help those in need – connecting their social consciousness to ways they can make a difference.
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The world's best teachers
From the youngest to the eldest at BSG, our students are delighted to come into school every day to study. That’s because our teachers build a strong, supportive relationship with each child. Even beyond the classroom, all students engage in after-school activities that help them develop their interests and passions under the close guidance of their teachers. They get to know each other really well – and as a result, our students feel connected to, and motivated by, their teachers throughout their journey.

With an average student-to-teacher ratio of 10:1 at BSG, we have a very close-knit community. We’re experts at personalising learning for our young students all the way from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) through graduation (Year 13), as teachers work closely to create a robust foundation around confidence, kindness, and independence. By using data-driven assessments and personalised reporting, they strategically guide each student with the steps required to perform at the top.

Our teachers’ standards are second to none thanks to the NAE Global Education Team that drives success in academics and quality assurance. With world-class professional development opportunities through Nord Anglia University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and The Juilliard School, our teachers have the best training and resources available, empowering them to deliver the highest quality international education.
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Our social purpose
Through our house system and Student Council, BSG students stay vibrantly connected to each other and propose thoughtful improvements for the benefit of our whole school. Through Nord Anglia Education, they also connect with a fantastic network of other international students across the world who share common interests.
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Our social purpose

Throughout their time at BSG, our students get involved in the wider community, contributing their hands, skills, and efforts to those who can use their help. A prominent programme initiated and continuously led by a collective of students at BSG involves delivering supplies and helping the homeless in Guangzhou every Saturday of the year. This is one activity among dozens of others organized under ‘Community Partnership’, a group of students, parents, and teachers who facilitate dozens of whole-school service, fundraising, or charity activities.

Another significant programme is our ‘Reading Buddy’ programme, designed for all our students to increase their social awareness by leading sport activities for the younger students and running fundraising events throughout the year – gradually building up their responsibility.

Globally, our students learn how they can make their mark on the world through our collaboration with UNICEF, where they support hundreds of causes through activities and connections with the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our Model United Nations (MUN) club especially works on addressing ways to support the SDGs.

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The NAE education family
Our stunning campus on the shore of South Lake, purpose-built primary campus at Olympic Park, and spacious facilities at both locations all provide our students with an educational experience unlike any other. With open floor plans and state-of-the-art technology woven throughout, our environments encourage BSG students to excel at their highest performance.
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The Nord Anglia Education family 

All BSG students participate in our house system – a traditional and important part of school life in the British education system, where all year groups come together as a community, have a sense of identity and belonging, and develop their social skills and confidence. Regular house competitions and sports days motivate good behaviour and healthy competition among our students.

The BSG Student Council is another important part of our connected student community, as they meet regularly to discuss issues affecting all students in our school and generate proposals for positive changes.

Throughout BSG and the Nord Anglia family, our parents also play an important role in our social life. They welcome many new families (joining our family of over 50 nationalities) as they adjust to Guangzhou. Our parents organize dozens of BSG community events, parent workshops, and activities each year, creating many opportunities to build relationships within relaxed, supportive settings.

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At the British School of Guangzhou, we offer a highly personalized admissions process, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.
  • Contact us today to start your child's journey.
  • Join us for a school tour or virtual discovery meeting.
  • Submit an application.
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Every year, our students strategically apply everything they’re learned in their lessons and experiences to achieve remarkable exam results. By performing so well on the internationally recognised A-levels and IGCSEs, they create their own pathways to top universities in the world.

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