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Culture Festival 2015
Exclusive to NISC Students
NAGA's attend MRISA Volleyball Tournament
Festival of Lights
Model United Nations
NISC Student Council
Rising 3's Programme │ Northbridge International School Cambodia
NAGA's competing now in MRISA Basketball Tournament
Festival Of Lights 2015
Grade 6 Art Exhibition
Well Done NISC!
Semester 2 news!
Coffee Morning
Exclusive! UK Universities to visit NISC
NISC Whole School Spirit Week!
NISC's Maths Programme
Gong Xi Fa Cai
Grade 10 Personal Project
Grade 6 MIA Trip
Nord Anglia Education
2nd Annual Phnom Penh Ashes
IB Parent Workshop at Northbridge International School Cambodia
Follow NISC!
Global Classroom
IB Diploma Visual Arts Exhibition
Celebrating Success!
Our Ambitious Students
Press Release: NISC and The Juilliard School.
Summer Performing Arts with Juilliard - Exclusive Discounts Available!
Cambridge STEAM Festival at M.I.T │ NISC the only school in South East Asia to attend
Learning From The Best at Northbridge International School in Phnom Penh
Our very own Northbridge Teacher chosen for prestigious King's College London Master's Programme.
University Guidance at Northbridge
Why Pokemon Go points the way for Education
New Secondary Student Council at Northbridge
Culture Day 2016
Early Learning 2 Opens
Juilliard is here!
NISC Reading Tree Challenge
NISC is breaking World Records!
93% of our parents recommend Northbridge International School
Spirit Week at NISC!
Global Learning Opportunities
Inaugural South East Asia Games
Students at Northbridge can now study Japanese.
Hear from our Head of Secondary - Global Opportunities
Northbridge goes to NASA!
Tanzania Trip 2017
Unveiling an innovative approach to teaching science and technology.
Juilliard Visit Northbridge
Juilliard Dance Curriculum to launch at Northbridge
Watch our Ski Trip Video
The importance of A in STEAM - 2017
Live from the MIT-Nord Anglia STEAMFest
NISC Hackathon!
Northbridge Teachers are Great!
NISC Summer Camp
Class of 2017
Class of 2017: Best IB Diploma results in Phnom Penh international school’s history
Professional Development at MIT
Watch out for Northbridge's new makerspace in August!
Viva Northbridge! Summer Soccer Camp a huge success!
Northbridge's Top IB Exam Achiever Sets New Goals
Family Picnic on Saturday!
Secondary STUCO's Welcome Back Party
University Picks of the Month: August
Cultural Day Official Dance!
Northbridge Book Drive 2017
University Picks of the Month: September
Cultural Day and 20th Anniversary Celebration
Grade 7 Junior Master Chef contest a big hit!
Sign up for the SAT Spring Crash Course
NISC hosts 2018 MRISA Senior Basketball Tournament
All welcome to the NISC Soccer 7s on 9 March
Nagas show fighting spirit at MRISA tournament in Hanoi
NISC Soccer 7s a family day of fun, football, and friends!
Examining 'The View from 7th Grade'
Probability Games
The NISC PYP Exhibition journey has begun!
Kindergarten present 'Where the Wild Things Are'
MRISA AX an opportunity for artistic collaboration
MRISA STEAM Fair in Ho Chi Minh City
Parentalk - How to Become a Better Parent
Grade 10 students pay tribute to our hard-working maintenance, cleaners and gardeners
Award-winning clarinetist Eloise Merav Fisher to visit NISC
Happy Khmer New Year!
Students as agents of change
Korean Culture Day
Programme of inquiry review - keeping our curriculum current
Educational fair for CCF children a day of fun and laughter
Early Learning Update
The Exhibition Process
Nagas swimmers shine in Ho Chi Minh City
NISCMUN: the first MUN Conference in Nord Anglia Education
The importance of A in STEAM
Reading Through the Summer
Parentalk program a popular success
Nord Anglia Education student ambassadors raise focus on sustainability issues at the High Level Political Forum in New York
IB Diploma students at Northbridge enjoy outstanding results for the 2017/18 academic year
Northbridge Dance Teacher takes part in workshop at The Juilliard School in New York
Introducing the summer 2018 facilities developments at Northbridge
Northbridge joins the ASEAN Sports and Activities Conference
Students look forward to another year of sporting success
Supporting your child’s reading at home
LEAP Fair marks start of new year's after-school activities - sign up now!
Grade 5's welcome rescue dog Lucy from Animal Mama
Eight elements necessary to develop innovative thinkers
Metals and acids reacting in the new science lab
New options available at the revamped Cafeteria
Exciting developments in dance and music
New Northbridge Sports Hall opened by Nord Anglia CEO
Royal Group and Nord Anglia CEOs meet to discuss ongoing Cambodian partnership
The importance of reading stamina
How to foster a love of reading
Monthly update from the Parent Council September 2018
Why is feedback important?
Health and safety update
Why mother tongue matters
Northbridge hosts first ISSAPP swim meet
New Primary and Secondary books in the library
Conflict resolution at Northbridge - Take 5!
Introducing the Approaches to Learning
Northbridge welcomes Mr Andy Puttock, Education DIrector, Nord Anglia Education
Promoting a growth mindset in mathematics
Viewing guidelines for Primary students
Ministry of Education visit to Northbridge
Monthly update from the Parent Council
Why learning a new language opens up a world of opportunities
Parent Coffee Morning Update - September 2018
Full STEAM ahead with Nord Anglia's first ever regional festival
Nagas swim team win medals at ISSAPP meet
Approaches to Learning are the scaffolding for every IB learner across the world
Why children should play sport
The value of making mistakes
Introducing our Learning Enrichment Activities Program (LEAP)
This year's Sustainable Development Goals and the 'Worlds Largest Lesson'
NAE amplifies giving back and leads the way on creating tomorrows change makers
Astro boots inventor Professor Leia Stirling challenges students to create their own wearable technologies
Can studying the performing arts create successful students?
Start the year on the right page with our Global Library recommendations!
Five reasons for parents to get involved in their child's education
How partnerships with world-leading organisations transform learning
Nurturing global awareness and an international mindset
Modeling the impact of meteorites
Northbridge Senior Volleyballers play to win at ISSAPP Finals
Great turnout for first Parent Phonics Workshop
Developing multicultural understanding
How design provides real world experiences and current technology opportunities
How technology enhances teaching and learning
Creative writing contest develops students’ international awareness
The importance of developing creativity
Northbridge Community Choir brings festive spirit to Christmas Fair
Discovering the world beyond food and flags
How we focus on inquiry in our instructional processes
Grade 2s learn about honey production processes in field trip to Romdeng restaurant
Nagas show fighting spirit at inaugural ASAC Junior Basketball tournament
Northbridge school students launch new podcast station
Northbridge secondary students enjoy trip of a lifetime to Switzerland
Monthly update from the Northbridge Parent Council
Technology integration in Primary at Northbridge
Why mathematics at Northbridge is teaching students essential 21st century skills
Grade 3 students at Northbridge are currently undertaking the NAE-MIT challenge, Epic Identity
Northbridge Nagas swim team win medal haul at ISPP Swimvitational 2018
Northbridge senior volleyball teams show Nagas spirit at ASAC tournament in Ho Chi Minh City
Northbridge students enjoy Nord Anglia Global Campus trip of a lifetime to Tanzania
The importance of current events to language acquisition studies at Northbridge
Northbridge Secondary students make great sporting start to the year
Why learning phonics is an integral part of Primary learning at Northbridge
Explaining the true goal of playing sports at Northbridge
How your child benefits from STEAM education at Northbridge
Inspiring Northbridge students to move from awareness to action
Why we're making education personal at Northbridge
Northbridge proud to host the 3rd Nord Anglia South East Asia Games
Welcome to the monthly update from the Northbridge Parent Council - September 2018
What you need to know about occupational therapy at Northbridge
Grade 12 science students at Northbridge pursue interesting experiments with ambitious goals
Northbridge Nagas win gold at 8th annual Human Rights Football tournament
It's a wrap! Northbridge Primary sports round-up for 2018
Northbridge parents enjoy phonics fun at second workshop
Authentic testing is as simple as play at Northbridge
Success for our Northbridge Senior Boys Football Team
Northbridge students achieve personal bests in Grade 4 and 5 Biathlon
Khmer classes at Northbridge allow students to share and express their knowledge
Fostering agency in Northbridge students underpins all innovation, change, and improvement
Why we're equipping Northbridge students with complex problem-solving skills
Do all international schools offer an international education like Northbridge?
How Northbridge benefits from visits by alumni artists from The Juilliard School
Education technology provides Northbridge students with engaging, personalised learning
Northbridge students learn better when they learn together
Building positive and happy relationships within our Northbridge community
Using the study of social sciences to improve academic vocabulary at Northbridge
Northbridge students selected to attend world's biggest MUN Conference in The Hague
How Northbridge uses music, movement and drama to develop natural young musicians
The educational importance of the Mission in Action (MIA) program at Northbridge
Why writing is an integral component to learning mathematics at Northbridge
Experiential education in Language Acquisition at Northbridge: When students become teachers
Why Northbridge students are embracing our dance partnership with The Juilliard School
Why we respect, support and encourage student agency at Northbridge
Curious minds in high demand at Northbridge
Does it matter which university you choose after graduating from Northbridge?
Why being in the discomfort zone is an important part of learning at Northbridge
Welcome to the monthly update from the Northbridge Parent Council
Northbridge junior Nagas show fighting spirit at ISSAPP football tournament
The Northbridge Group 4 Project: a student-led scientific investigation
Why we provide a play-based curriculum in Early Learning at Northbridge
Northbridge LEAP programme is proud to offer a range of activities in a safe environment
Update from the February 2019 Northbridge Parent Coffee Morning
Northbridge launches new promotional partnership programme
Senior basketball teams make the most of home advantage at Northbridge ISSAPP finals
Tips for helping your child achieve in mathematics at Northbridge
Grade 12 Northbridge DP Visual Art students to hold finale exhibition at The Factory
Why we're developing artistic voice in dance with other art forms at Northbridge
Northbridge Nagas take on top regional teams at Senior Basketball ASAC
The importance of studying your native language at Northbridge
How we express our nature, ideas, feelings, beliefs, and values at Northbridge
Northbridge Junior Football teams show fighting Nagas spirit in Hanoi
Northbridge Secondary school leadership update
How Northbridge students are being enabled to thrive in the future well beyond school
Northbridge students can experience artistic breakthroughs on Summer Juilliard programme
Northbridge students can learn valuable life skills on Nord Anglia Switzerland summer camps
Play helps Northbridge students achieve greater academic success and develop lifelong skills
Northbridge welcomes four education professionals for ACS WASC Accreditation process
Grade 11 Northbridge students reflect on how studying social sciences has impacted their worldview
How empathy and creativity are vital to equipping Northbridge students for a bright future
Northbridge community joins math lovers around the world to celebrate Pi Day
Northbridge Nagas named 'Most Effective Team' at Nord Anglia swim meet in Kuala Lumpur
Northbridge Primary students show excellent athletic ability and sportsmanship at YAPP
Promoting balanced technology use at Northbridge
Why authentic learning is an integral part of the language acquisition curriculum at Northbridge
Approaches to learning and understanding the Mid Semester Report at Northbridge
Battlebots take to the arena at the first ever Northbridge Robotics League tournament
Northbridge Nagas spirit celebrated in 10 meter high Naga by French urban artist
The Northbridge PYP Exhibition is the culminating experience of the Primary Years Programme
First ever Northbridge artistic dance concert 'Alpha' helps us appreciate dance on a new level
Northbridge Parent Satisfaction Survey reveals a happy and caring community of teachers and families
Northbridge Nagas Senior footballers win silver and bronze at Hanoi ASAC tournament
Northbridge PYP Exhibition journey reaches end in a highly engaging and stimulating event
Grade 7 Northbridge students become interplanetary travel agents in their science class
Northbridge students make friends and music at first Nord Anglia Performing Arts Festival
Update from the Northbridge Parent Council - April 2019
Maths and design innovation at Northbridge is founded on technical skills and imagination
How Northbridge students develop innovative mindsets through our unique MIT partnership
Northbridge teachers organize unique Student Support professional development morning
Northbridge MYP Language & Literature students create, interpret and appreciate poetry
Explaining the important role played by ICT in a Primary school education at Northbridge
Introducing new Northbridge Head of Secondary Ms Frances Morton
How you can best support your child to be successful in this time of transition at Northbridge
Northbridge Secondary School Counsellor Dave Reed visits Australia's best universities
Understanding the importance of helping Northbridge students transition from PYP to MYP
Congratulations Northbridge Grade 12 on an amazing year and best of luck on your IB examinations
May 2019 update from the Northbridge Parent Council
Northbridge IB Diploma students can look forward to exciting new changes in Mathematics
Northbridge students attend 2019 STEAM week at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Highlights from the Northbridge Parent Coffee Morning held on Friday 10 May
Why we're engaging our Northbridge kindergartners in real-life, meaningful science inquiry
Northbridge hailed as 'an extraordinary place of education' by WASC Visiting Committee
Northbridge students offered trip of a lifetime on Nord Anglia Education Switzerland Trekking Expedition
Northbridge swim team win medals, and show true Nagas spirit at Ho Chi Minh City meet
Why we provide sheltered instruction for English Language Learners at Northbridge
Looking back at this year's amazing trips and experiences in the Northbridge Primary school
Northbridge Paws Crossed students conclude yearly mission of helping PPAWS animal shelter
Northbridge Secondary CAS students design new activity room for Rabbit School pupils
Northbridge students are invited to join once-in-a-lifetime Nord Anglia Education expedition to Tanzania
Northbridge Nagas Junior Volleyball teams finish season strongly in Ho Chi Minh City
Northbridge CAS students help take CHOICE Cambodia pupils to Phnom Penh Safari World
How transdisciplinary learning at Northbridge goes across, between and beyond subjects
Looking back at this year's best moments and activities that celebrated Science at Northbridge
Northbridge holds its annual Summer Fair, a fantastic day out of fun, food and festivities
Northbridge celebrates students' amazing artistic talent at school's annual Creativity Night
Dear Northbridge parents, here's how you can support your child's development over the summer
Northbridge Class of 2019 graduate at grand gala ceremony held at the Sofitel Phnom Penh
Northbridge STEAM students star at Junior F1 Grand Prix held at BIS Ho Chi Minh City
Northbridge student ambassadors heading to New York for UNICEF Summit
Northbridge senior students return from NAE trip of a lifetime to United Nations in New York
Northbridge's Nurse Cherry represents Cambodia at School Nurses conference in Sweden
Outstanding IB Diploma results achieved by Northbridge students for 2018/19 academic year
New Secondary books now in the Northbridge library - check them out before someone else does!
Northbridge library fills the shelves with a great new range of books for Primary - come and read them!
A warm welcome to the new school year from the Northbridge Head of Secondary Ms Frances
Three key actions parents can take to improve their child’s learning success at Northbridge
New Northbridge drama teacher inspired by training at The Juilliard School in New York
New Northbridge campus developments revealed after busy summer of improvements
New Northbridge Houses finally revealed! Are you a Cobra, Elephant, Ibis, or Stingray?
Northbridge catering receives Certificate of Registration from British Standards Institution
How STEAM at Northbridge helps students learn skills they can use for the rest of their lives
Northbridge Grade 11 and 12 Leader Mr Callum reveals his secrets for time management
How CAS and SA projects truly embody our Northbridge values of “Caring hearts, ambitious minds”
Why establishing routines at home can help our kids become their very best at Northbridge
Introducing the many new school resources added to Northbridge over the summer of 2019
Welcome to the monthly update from the Northbridge Parent Council - September 2019
Why the reading program at Northbridge is essential for your child's future success
Inquiry at Northbridge helps our young people achieve academically, socially and emotionally
How Northbridge parents can remain engaged in their child's education through Secondary
Thank you to everyone who attended the September 2019 Northbridge Parent Coffee Morning
Northbridge Nagas achieve top places and personal bests at first ISSAPP swim meet of the year
Primary maths at Northbridge, and how you can help your child to be a great maths learner
How swimming at Northbridge is more than just records and medals, it teaches a way of life
Northbridge students continue to attract interest from many of the world's major universities
IT present top tips for Northbridge parents on how to keep your children safe on the internet - Part One
Northbridge holds Banned Books Week in the school library to celebrate the freedom to read
Will Northbridge Grade 7 and 8 students ever rule the world?
IT present top tips for Northbridge parents on how to keep your children safe on the internet - Part Two
Why it's vital that we encourage children to develop a passion for writing at Northbridge
Northbridge Grade 8 design students are making toys for very special clients: Kindergarteners!
Why the Student Council at Northbridge is much more than a leadership badge - it is a service
Welcome to the monthly update from the Northbridge Parent Council - October 2019
What is the value in having Primary children express themselves through art at Northbridge?
New Northbridge Aquatics Centre to provide students with world-class learning and training facility
Thank you to everyone who attended the October 2019 Northbridge Parent Coffee Morning
Want to improve your language skills at Northbridge? Then you need to read, read, read
How we teach Northbridge Primary students appropriate and important coping strategies
Northbridge begins initiative to provide continued holistic approach to our student’s education
Northbridge Nagas swim, basketball and volleyball teams score top results at local sports meets
How Northbridge Secondary students learn thinking skills and practical abilities through Science
Ministry of Environment Director-General presents Northbridge with Certificate of Appreciation
Northbridge students return from trip of a lifetime to Switzerland Nord Anglia Mountain Base Camp
Putting 'Caring Hearts Ambitious Minds' into action - our Northbridge STUCO Action Squad
Northbridge Grade 10 students are definitely excited about their MYP Personal Project
Welcome to the monthly update from the Northbridge Parent Council - November 2019
Why good study habits learned at Northbridge can set you up for a lifetime of success
How Northbridge MYP Math students use modeling techniques to solve real world problems
Northbridge Secondary staff enjoy development training on inclusive practices and teaching strategies
How Northbridge creates a working environment where innovative teaching practice is the norm
NAE STEAM Festival provides Northbridge students with an opportunity to showcase their skills
As part of our special collaboration, Northbridge welcomes visiting Juilliard musicians and specialists
Northbridge teachers are constantly updating their ICT skills to support our digital native students
Northbridge Robotics Team named 1st overall Tournament Champions at ISPP ROBOCUP
Taking a look back on this semester’s exciting Primary school learning trips at Northbridge
First ever Northbridge cross country team achieve outstanding results at ISSAPP Cross Country meet
Welcome to the monthly update from the Northbridge Parent Council - December 2019
Why developing essential life skills is key to our curriculum in Grade 10 at Northbridge
Welcome to the new Northbridge Head of Primary Mr Martyn Shadbolt in August 2020
Highlights from the Northbridge Parent Coffee Morning held on Friday 6 December
What is Theory of Knowledge? Thoughts on a curious subject by a Northbridge teacher
Why it is truly admirable to see how engaged our parent community is at Northbridge International School
Looking back with pride and satisfaction on the achievement of our Grade 7 Northbridge students
Grade 11 at Northbridge: The start of the journey into the wonderful world of the IB Diploma
How Northbridge students benefitted from once-in-a-lifetime Global Campus Tanzania Trip
It has been fantastic to see how caring our Northbridge Grade 9 students have been with new arrivals
December has been a busy month for sport in Northbridge Primary, and overall a very successful one!
Understanding the importance of co-curricular activities for our Grade 8 Northbridge students
After a thrilling if intense IB program, Northbridge Grade 12 preprare for the final countdown
Introducing the many benefits of our Northbridge collaboration with the Juilliard School
Northbridge IB Diploma Coordinator examines the true value to students of mock exams
Adding value: the importance of music education at Northbridge
The ways we continue to focus on how Northbridge staff can ensure all students learn and grow
Share A Dream platform launched at Northbridge for social outreach activities
Northbridge Grade 12 students take science into the field at Kirirom National Park
Amazing lesson in Northbridge Grade 6 physics class sees students combine gravity and inertia
Design students at Northbridge develop an understanding of the subject's real world applications
To learn maths at Northbridge, a child must first develop their visual memory and perception
Northbridge students walk a mile in Afghan slippers - or headscarves
Northbridge International School Cambodia announces partnership with The Startup Studio
Welcome to the monthly update from the Northbridge Parent Council - February 2020
Why we provide daily opportunities for sensory play and exploration in Early Learning at Northbridge
Northbridge students shine at world’s biggest and most rigorous Model United Nations Conference
Grade 8 escape the confines of the classroom, and take learning opportunities on the road
Highlights from the Northbridge Parent Coffee Morning held on Friday 14 February
Northbridge hosts Regional STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) meeting
Northbridge Grade 11 students learn from community building and life skills experiences on MIA Trip
Circus skills and service in Battambang; Northbridge Grade 9 students' Mission in Action
How we are teaching Northbridge Grade 2 and 3 Primary students to be responsible global citizens
2020 MIA expedition provides education on the mountain for Northbridge Grade 10s
Northbridge Grade 12 students embark on a trip with a twist for their final MIA expedition
Northbridge Grade 6 students enjoy excitement and adventure in Kep on their first ever MIA trip
Welcome to the monthly update from the Northbridge Parent Council - March 2020
Northbridge Grade 7 students embody the IB learner profile of a risk taker on MIA expedition
Wonderful Book Week 2020 at Northbridge, a celebration of books, reading and all things literary
Highlights from the Northbridge Parent Coffee Morning held on Friday 13 March
Northbridge student production of CATS leaves magical memories for cast, crew and families
Why the Extended Essay is both one of Northbridge Grade 12 students' greatest challenges and most rewarding experiences
Students will be following the Northbridge Remote Learning Plan for the next two weeks
Five strategies to build resilience, and have reassuring conversations with your Northbridge children
How we can all help to support our Northbridge students and ourselves during this challenging time
Northbridge IB MYP students recently showcased their fabulous Personal Projects at school
For Northbridge Grade 5 students, the PYP Exhibition is a world of opportunity - and passion
Ms Emma's Season 2 sports recap: why the start of 2020 was excellent for our Northbridge Nagas
Innovative ways Northbridge maths teachers have made learning interactive to our students
Announcing the results of the Northbridge Parent Satisfaction Survey for this school year
Creativity and passion of Northbridge science teachers helps boost Virtual School Experience
Why learning literature at Northbridge has never been so much fun in the guise of technology
Why I am proud of our Northbridge community
Northbridge teacher Ms Geri explains how you can find calm and mindfulness through creating art
No Makerspace? No problem! Northbridge's Mr Jack explains how you can STEAM at home
NAE Share A Dream programme empowers Northbridge Secondary students to drive lasting change
Global Campus provides exciting new events and opportunities for Northbridge students
How to stay active active during our Virtual School Experience at Northbridge International School
How learning music at Northbridge is a constant in times of change
Northbridge Grade 12 student makes and distributes face shields to Cambodians most in need
How our Northbridge students are exploring visual arts in a virtual learning environment
Introducing the monthly Virtual Northbridge Coffee Morning for Friday 8 May 2020
Presenting a peek into the wonders of a Virtual Music Class in the Northbridge Primary school!
How the math department at Northbridge has embraced the importance of interdisciplinary units
How teachers and students at Northbridge are connecting in our Virtual School Experience
Why it's amazing virtual science all round from students and staff at Northbridge Cambodia
Northbridge dance teacher Mr Alan and his students embark on the 'Housebound Odyssey'
Update on the ongoing Northbridge Virtual School Experience in EL3
Guide from Northbridge IT: how to ensure your child's internet safety
How we're helping all of our Northbridge Nagas to stay fit and active at home this summer
Northbridge Grade 5s find their passion and mark the end of their time in the PYP with the Exhibition
Northbridge students and staff celebrate the arts during virtual Creativity Night
Looking back on the last few months at Northbridge, and looking ahead to the next school year
Congratulations to the Northbridge International School graduating Class of 2020 - you made it!
Helping your children transition back on to campus at Northbridge International School Cambodia
New Head of Primary Mr Martyn arrives at Northbridge and looks forward to meeting everyone!
Outstanding results achieved by our Northbridge IB Diploma students for the 2019/20 academic year
The Northbridge Makerspace has been busy in the first few weeks of school as we reopened to students
How we are continually removing barriers to learning at Northbridge
Introducing the new procedures for taking out and returning books from the Northbridge school library
Northbridge students display resilience and confidence at returning to our school campus
Even during times of adversity, Northbridge students reach out to others in truly authentic action
Understanding the importance of promoting the eight C's of education in all of our Northbridge learners
A guide to help parents of Northbridge teenagers understand the mind of their child
Welcome to the monthly update from the Northbridge Parent Council - September 2020
Why a parent’s relationship with their child’s teachers is the foundation of the Northbridge home-school partnership
21st Century Students at Northbridge: Who are they?
Understanding the importance of a growth mindset for our young mathematicians at Northbridge
Highlights from the Northbridge Parent Coffee Morning held on Friday 11 September
Why we've introduced the new DP Sports, Exercise and Health Science course to Northbridge
The IB were forward thinking in their development of the PYP programme we use at Northbridge
CAS Week at Northbridge embraces a new approach in the new normal
Welcome to the update from the Northbridge Parent Council - 29 September 2020
Why parents are one of the most important factors in their child's careers pathway at Northbridge
Highlights from the Northbridge Parent Coffee Morning held on Friday 9 October
Northbridge celebrates World Mental Health Day through a week of supportive activities
Why we're so happy for our students that PHE classes are finally back on at Northbridge
Northbridge Primary school STUCO and Action Squads unveil exciting plans for the year
Northbridge students embrace the exciting new possibilities of the revamped Global Campus
How we can all help encourage our middle school students at Northbridge to develop resilience
How Northbridge provides students with a pathway to success in business and beyond
Welcome to the update from the Northbridge Parent Council - 20 October 2020
What STEAM looks like in the Early Learning classes at Northbridge
Why improving reading skills is so important for young learners at Northbridge
Extended Essay Exhibition at Northbridge celebrates a major milestone for Grade 12 students
Why the NAE collaboration with MIT is one of the best things about learning at Northbridge
The learning journey: how your child continues to achieve their potential at Northbridge
Northbridge is proud to be the first school in Cambodia offering the MYP on-screen examinations
Why our young Northbridge learners are encouraged to be responsible and considerate to others
Why Northbridge Grade 12 students should choose to soar like an eagle, not quack like a duck
A fantastic week of the Virtual School Experience at Northbridge
Introducing Global Campus Junior at Northbridge: learning made fun for early years students
What’s going on in Grade 11 Business & Economics lessons at Northbridge?
How the swimming program at Northbridge is incredibly beneficial for your child's health
How MYP design at Northbridge showcases students' imagination, enthusiasm and learning
Why the LEAP after-school programme at Northbridge offers outstanding learning benefits
We are communicators: developing language skills at Northbridge
Welcome to the update from the Northbridge Parent Council - 1 December 2020
Lifelong learning at Northbridge: professional development at Nord Anglia Education
Developing real-world skills in the Startup Studio at Northbridge - this is how we do it!
Why the Student Council (STUCO) is so important for our Primary students at Northbridge
Entire Northbridge school community celebrates our annual Creativity Night - virtually!
How Northbridge students benefit from our unique performing arts partnership with Juilliard
The importance of starting the year right at Northbridge International School Cambodia
It's been a warm welcome back to campus for our Northbridge Primary students
Top tips for Northbridge students to help control exam stress and ensure your mind is ready
Why there's no i in team - the importance of teamwork in student sports at Northbridge
Welcome to the update from the Northbridge Parent Council - 19 January 2021
How technology is a tool to assist and enhance what we can accomplish as teachers at Northbridge
The value of mother tongue in learning literature at Northbridge
Highlights from the Northbridge Parent Coffee Morning held on Friday 29 January
How the Northbridge Cross Country team teaches students skills they can use throughout their life
How a mission to Mars has become a unique lesson in perseverance for Northbridge students
The importance of play for young students at Northbridge
The multiple benefits of learning an additional language at Northbridge and how to enjoy it
Welcome to the update from the Northbridge Parent Council - 9 February 2021
How does our Northbridge university counsellor help your child to secure a place at university?
The amazing learning opportunities for Northbridge students studying Individuals and Societies
Highlights from the Northbridge Parent Coffee Morning held on Friday 19 February
Northbridge Primary and Secondary Student Council groups lead the way at Spirit Week
Why are real-world events so important to STEAM education at Northbridge?
Announcing the results of the Northbridge Parent Satisfaction Survey for school year 2020-2021
Action Learning Camps provide Northbridge Secondary students with an extraordinary experience
Northbridge uses International Mother Language Day to promote linguistic and cultural diversity
Northbridge leads the way with the NISC Model United Nations 2021
Making decisions about university and future careers: when is the right time at Northbridge?
The importance of reading during Virtual School at Northbridge
The joys and trials of parenting a child at Northbridge in 2021
Welcome to the update from the Northbridge Parent Council - 16 March 2021
Why Northbridge embraces an inclusive approach when it comes to diversity among staff and students
Highlights from the Northbridge Parent Coffee Morning held on Friday 26 March
Exciting new changes in the Theory of Knowledge course help challenge young Northbridge minds
The new Northbridge Aquatics Centre gives students amazing new opportunities for water sports
Four ways our Northbridge teachers help your child to meet their university expectations
How learning support works in the Primary school at Northbridge
How this has been a term of two halves at Northbridge
Northbridge Grade 10 students embrace the challenge of this year's virtual Personal Project
Why is IB Diploma at Northbridge the right pathway before university?
The role of storytelling in early literacy development at Northbridge
Northbridge: Why in an emergency situation, it's important to look after your mental health first
Welcome to the update from the Northbridge Parent Council - 27 April 2021
Welcoming new Northbridge Interim Head of Secondary Mr Andrew Britnell
What does ‘personalised learning’ mean for your child at Northbridge?
Despite challenges, the latest Northbridge Share a Dream report shows hugely promising results
Student voice at Northbridge - helping us to stay organised and aware!
Northbridge students flock to STEAM and creative online activities, Nord Anglia data shows
Why experiential learning is so important to the teaching philosophy of an IB school like Northbridge
Demonstrating service through action: why we're proud of the Northbridge Primary Action Squad
Northbridge welcomes new Deputy Head of Primary and PYP Coordinator Ms Angela Botero
Translanguaging - what is it and why is it important at Northbridge?
Highlights from the Northbridge Parent Coffee Morning held on Friday 21 May
Transition through the grades at Northbridge International School is all about 'Easing the Shift'
Grade 5 PYP Exhibition showcases how Northbridge students embrace the IB learner profile attributes
The importance of ongoing physical fitness for Northbridge students
Congratulations to the Northbridge Class of 2021 on their graduation!
Well done Northbridge secondary school - it's been a challenging year but we made it!
Northbridge students showcase their creativity with Festival of Lights and Isolation Art Exhibition
Best ever results achieved by Northbridge IB Diploma students for the 2020/21 academic year
Welcome to the new Secondary school year at Northbridge
Why we're excited about the new year in Primary at Northbridge
At Northbridge we believe it's vital to reinforce leadership in education
Top tips for online learning from the Northbridge Head of Secondary
What stepping into the High School years means at Northbridge
How online learning is turning Northbridge students into skilled problem solvers
Promoting the importance of being a balanced learner in Kindergarten at Northbridge
How the Global Campus program at Northbridge offers something for every single student
Why the house system at Northbridge is much more than a tribute to Harry Potter
Why it's important for Northbridge students to have a growth mindset
How DP Induction Day prepares Northbridge students for the final part of their IB academic journey
Why Northbridge students are always encouraged to read at home
How the CAS programme provides Northbridge students with the opportunity to give something back
How the skills gained from a STEAM education at Northbridge can be translated into any career
The Exciting World of Work: Survey to identify opportunities within the Northbridge community
Presenting the year so far in the primary arts at Northbridge
Culture, gender roles and identity – insights from language learning at Northbridge
Another year, another spectacular Spirit Week at Northbridge!
Inclusive education means all Northbridge students are included in every way, not just in theory
Developing the self-efficacy of Northbridge learners
What the Northbridge Early Learners’ Virtual School Experience looks like
Northbridge Grade 2 students learn all about sharing the planet
How we're teaching Northbridge students to advocate for themselves
What does it mean when we talk about inquiry-based learning?
Managing student stress and workload at Northbridge
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Online inquiry learning in science classrooms
Traction Man is here
The importance of technology to Primary learning
Why your mental health matters when learning ?
Fostering independence in our Primary-school students
Language Acquisition Language and Literature: Windows onto culture
What is the TOK Essay?
Student Rights and Responsibilities at Northbridge International School Cambodia
Northbridge Grade 4 and 5 Action Learning Camps a great experience
As Northbridge prepares to celebrate Pi Day we look at the importance of recreational mathematics
How STEAM education at Northbridge develops technically literate young men and women
Meet the new Northbridge Head of Inclusion
Learn about the unique benefits of Global Campus at Northbridge
Why we celebrate Book Week at Northbridge
How languages integrate into the PYP curriculum at Northbridge
Celebrating our Northbridge Grade 10 Personal Project showcase
Reflections on the year so far in Primary at Northbridge
The importance of the swim programme at Northbridge
Why Northbridge recommends students get more sleep
Grade 12 Northbridge students prepare for their most difficult academic challenge yet
How we know we are on the right path as educators at Northbridge
How education technology is being used in Secondary classrooms at Northbridge
Why are field trips important to students at Northbridge?
The benefits of teaching maths through inquiry at Northbridge
Why Northbridge Primary students sign up for the Student Council
Northbridge starts new tradition for graduating class - the Senior Walk
How we approach assessment in the Primary school at Northbridge
Get a Clue - Northbridge Grade 10 students take the stage for the first time in two years
Northbridge Grade 5 mark the end of PYP with a superb Exhibition
A look back at the successful return of sports at Northbridge
How the House system at Northbridge is growing from strength to strength
Looking back at a year of Primary in Northbridge
Northbridge student performance The Greatest Show leads to the greatest moments
Welcome to the new school year at Northbridge from the Head of Secondary
Welcome to the new school year at Northbridge from the Head of Primary
Data informed teaching and learning in the Diploma Programme at Northbridge
How to make our Primary students fall in love with learning at Northbridge
Why this year is going to be the greenest ever at Northbridge
IB Results: Northbridge students among the world's highest achievers
Northbridge student ambassadors attend global UNICEF summit in New York
Musings about the changing use of technology at Northbridge
How we can celebrate our differences at Northbridge
Northbridge embarks on the journey to become an Eco-School
Presenting real life learning in Grade 3 at Northbridge
Moving to Secondary at Northbridge takes some getting used to - even for the well prepared
Evaluating Northbridge sustainability with the Eco-Council
A Northbridge Grade 5 inquiry - How to be the best we can be
Northbridge International School continues to grow and flourish as a proud continuum IB world school
Northbridge Global Campus team has been a tour de force since their return in August
Grade One at Northbridge - growing together as a community of learners
Why we are marking World Mental Health Day at Northbridge
How we are developing IT in education at Northbridge
Building for the future in Early Learning at Northbridge
Exploring the basis for knowledge in TOK class at Northbridge
Why we should care about reading at Northbridge
A welcome return to sporting competition at Northbridge
Northbridge Extended Essay Exhibition allows Grade 12 to showcase their accomplishments
Using digital math platforms in the PYP at Northbridge
How we are improving student writing skills in Primary Mother Tongue language class at Northbridge
The role of motivation in DP Business Management - and the lives of Northbridge students
Why I love the transformational student leadership at Northbridge
A busy semester for Secondary STUCO at Northbridge
Eco Council take first steps to achieving sustainability at Northbridge
How we are taking care of our wellbeing at Northbridge
How service learning is back at Northbridge
Why Seesaw is a window into Primary learning at Northbridge
It has been an exciting semester for the Houses at Northbridge
Why I am proud of our student leaders in Primary at Northbridge
The importance of life skills in the educational process at Northbridge
Looking forward to a fresh green year at Northbridge
Play is not only for Early Learning at Northbridge
Health and safety updates in Secondary science classrooms at Northbridge
Using home languages and cultures to facilitate language learning at Northbridge
The importance of STEAM to Grade 3 learning at Northbridge
Why Northbridge Action Learning Camps are such a wonderful opportunity for our students
Learning how to read and reading to learn at Northbridge
A Northbridge guide to child and adolescent development and how parents can support their journey
Why multilingual learning at Northbridge starts with the mother language
Why at Northbridge we endorse the physical and mental benefits and fun of solving puzzles
Examining the future of mathematics at Northbridge
At Northbridge we believe that being outdoors and active is a fundamental part of growing up
Celebrating an incredible 6th annual NISC Model United conference
Why all Northbridge students need a full night of sleep
The role of artificial intelligence in education at Northbridge
How the Personal Project enables Northbridge Grade 10 students to showcase skills learned during MYP
Why action is an integral part of the Primary Years Programme at Northbridge
Why approaches to learning are essential in Early Learning at Northbridge
The Grade 12 Visual Arts Exhibition was a great showcase for the talent of Northbridge students
How AI is influencing the culture of academic integrity at Northbridge
Why play is so important to learning at Northbridge
Why we teach Northbridge students to be lifelong learners
The many ways we are celebrating Earth Week at Northbridge
Why the Primary arts at Northbridge offer fun and much more
Why the Life Skills curriculum at Northbridge is essential for wellbeing and success
How Northbridge students lead with Caring Hearts
The importance of student leadership in high school at Northbridge
Why Northbridge believes reading is an essential skill that has a profound impact on all our lives
How creative design is at the heart of woodworking at Northbridge
Why the annual Northbridge PYP exhibition is a fantastic celebration of learning
Northbridge Grade 9 showcase entrepreneurship skills at annual Networking Night
Looking back at one year of STUCO leadership at Northbridge
Northbridge students achieve record breaking IB results
Northbridge students summit the world at New York conference
How we are incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Primary at Northbridge
How the Northbridge Student Council develops important leadership skills
How you can support your child on the Primary Years Programme at Northbridge
Why at Northbridge we believe in fostering student leadership in Primary
Northbridge Grade 12 overcome every obstacle on their Action Learning Camp
Why at Northbridge we pay special care and attention to successful student transitions
At Northbridge we believe staff wellbeing is a fundamental part of successful teaching
Exploring High School Diploma pathways at Northbridge - mapping your journey to graduation
Independence skills are the foundation of Early Learning education at Northbridge
How the Northbridge Eco Council are protecting the planet for future generations
How as a Northbridge parent you can best support your child with their mathematical journey
How Northbridge educators best prepare young people for the modern workforce
Examining the importance and fun of portrait art at Northbridge
Northbridge is ready for our second year of IB MYP on screen examinations
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Explaining the importance of Service as Action at Northbridge
How joining after school clubs helped shape a new Northbridge student into a community leader
How we use digital learning apps like Book Creator as a vehicle for student inquiry at Northbridge
The rich learning experience provided by the Northbridge Model United Nations
Northbridge students excited to join exclusive Nord Anglia Global Campus writing competition
Pen Pals - How Northbridge students are making friends near and far
Northbridge students herald the future of youth on World Children's Day
How Northbridge students benefit from our amazing Juilliard connection
A Northbridge Grade 11 student explains the importance of a school work-life balance for students
Why it is important for every Northbridge student to learn how to swim
How the Bring Your Own Device program benefits Primary learning
The art of balance: nurturing the pillars of life at Northbridge... without tumbling over!
Northbridge Primary introduces acclaimed program to improve reading and writing
Cultivating well rounded individuals through the Northbridge International Life Skills programme
How the Early Learning environment at Northbridge sets our youngest students on the path to success
Northbridge School Choir shine on incredible debut tour of New York
Northbridge Grade 5 embrace the end of Primary with the PYP Exhibition
Northbridge students the only Cambodian representatives at world's biggest Model United Nations conference
How studying drama at Northbridge helps cultivate the whole child
Northbridge Class of 2024 receive record number of university and college offers
The important lessons students learn outside the classroom on Northbridge Action Learning Camps
Discover the exciting new maths curriculum in Primary at Northbridge
How metacognition in the Northbridge classroom leads to creative and resilient global citizens
Northbridge celebrates cultural diversity and multilingualism at International Mother Language Day
Why Theory of Knowledge is a transformative subject that prepares Northbridge students for the world
Northbridge teachers join world's best at Vietnam conference exploring the future of education
Understanding the importance of higher thinking skills at schools like Northbridge
The vital role played by school counseling and PSHE at Northbridge
Why success in mathematics at Northbridge is a collaborative effort between teachers, students and parents
How Dance classes at Northbridge 'make everything better'
Why Northbridge is expanding our Bring Your Own Device programme to Grades 1-3
At Northbridge we believe that embracing inclusion and diversity is essential for student success
The MYP Personal Project showcases how Northbridge students take ownership of their learning
Northbridge student artists engage with feedback and self-expression at IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition
Why ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our students is top priority at Northbridge
At Northbridge we know that a lifelong love for reading starts at home
How we're empowering our Northbridge Primary students through academic rigour