10 March, 2023

Celebrating an incredible 6th annual NISC Model United conference

Celebrating an incredible 6th annual NISC Model United conference-Celebrating an incredible 6th annual NISC Model United conference-335118505_1247967392801294_1533410997270876987_n
Celebrating an incredible 6th annual NISC Model United conference
The gavel has come down on the 6th Annual NISCMUN conference! After months of hard work and planning by the student executive team and school staff at Northbridge International School Cambodia, we can safely say that we have hosted a conference we can be proud of.

In the past few years, the conference has not been held due to the global pandemic. This made the return of the conference all the more important as we return to ‘normal’ and begin offering these valuable in person learning experiences to the students.

Over three days, we hosted eight different schools from Cambodia and around the world. Notable mentions are in order for the delegations from BIS Yangon and BIS Tashkent for making the effort to come to our conference and make it a vibrant international event.

Over the course of 3 days, delegates debated upon the most pressing issues in the world today – from human rights to nuclear weapons and climate change. Student admin and press members also worked tirelessly to make the conference run smoothly. More than 150 students participated in the debates, passing 10 resolutions, and collectively making 400 speeches. 

Although the stats might be impressive, a Model United Nations conference is about so much more than the number of resolutions passed, or speeches made. At its core, MUN is about students engaging with issues of global significance and making real world connections with other students who also care about the future of our world.

What the pictures of students in serious debate don’t often show are the lighthearted conversations at break time and lunch, or the new friends from around the world that stay in touch long after the conference is over. Students come at first to test themselves in debate, but they keep coming back time and time again because of this comradery.

We can’t wait to welcome friends new and old to our next MUN conference. We are already busy reflecting on NISCMUN 2023 to make sure that NISCMUN 2024 is even bigger and better!