06 September, 2023

How the Northbridge Student Council develops important leadership skills

How the Northbridge Student Council develops important leadership skills

By Manuel Ortega
Student Council (STUCO) Coordinator

In today's dynamic world, student leadership has never held more importance. At Northbridge International School Cambodia, we recognize that developing leadership skills isn't just an option; it's a cornerstone of holistic education that prepares students for a globally interconnected world. 

At NISC, we believe in preparing students with the skills, mindset, and confidence to excel in any role they assume. Our commitment to holistic education is clear in the diversity of opportunities we offer our students to grow as leaders, with one of the most prominent platforms being the Student Council (STUCO).


Recently, an exciting event took place at our school as our students exercised their right to elect their representatives for the Student Council. These elected STUCO members will act as the voice of our students, serving as the connection between their peers and the school's leadership team. Their biggest responsibility? To bring forward the concerns, ideas, and comments that matter most to our students.


The enthusiasm surrounding this election was truly inspiring. An astonishing number of 65 students stepped up to the table, each wanting to be one of the 26 students chosen as class representatives. This impressive turnout not only reflects our students' enthusiasm to develop their leadership skills but also highlights the vital role the Student Council plays in shaping both the present and future of our school community.


Through the Student Council, we cultivate a culture of active participation and responsible citizenship. We are teaching our students that their voices matter, and that leadership isn't just about commanding; but about listening, collaborating, and stimulating positive change.


Our elected Naga STUCO members are embarking now on a journey that will not only develop their personal growth but will also empower the entire Naga community.