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Focused, motivated, positive

12 May 2015

How can you help keep your child focused, motivated and positive during the assessment period?

  • Middle School exams

Learning Styles

Do you remember best by what you see, or hear, or discover by doing? That is your learning style coming into play. Everyone learns better if they know their learning style. Some of us learn visually - that's by reading and taking notes - whereas auditory learners enjoy listening and repeating aloud, and kinesthetic learners prefer a hands-on style.

• If your child is a visual learner, they will be helped by making notes and re-write what they can remember.

• If your child is an auditory learner, they learn by listening and talking. You can help by asking them questions and talking about the topics.

• If your child is a hands-on person, they learn by doing or making something. This can be harder to practice but any activity that is not simply reading or listening will help. One example would be doing a simple science experiment, rather than just reading about it.


It is extremely important that the environment is right for learning. Research has shown that girls work just as well with background noise, but boys work better if there is a quiet atmosphere. If your house is short of space, think about what you can do to make it revision-friendly. Maybe you can create an area that is away from the noise of younger brothers and sisters, or the television.


The brain is one of the greediest organs in the body and uses a huge amount of energy. Your child will learn best if they are eating well and drinking enough.

• A healthy, protein-rich breakfast is a must. Without it, energy levels never recover over the day.

• It's more important than ever to avoid junk food and refined carbohydrates. These make blood sugar rise rapidly which gives a great energy boost - but is followed by a slump and tiredness. This roller-coaster of energy is not helpful when trying to learn.

• Make sure your child is well-hydrated. Water and sugar-free drinks help the brain perform better, and many children don't drink enough.

Keep Positive

It's easy for children to develop a negative attitude towards revision and assessments if they feel swamped, and easy for parents to become annoyed if they see them wasting precious revision time.

• Try to be encouraging, not critical. Create a "can do" attitude.

• Offer to help test them on a topic. This works much better than reminding them of the consequences if they don't get on with it.