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Celebrating Our Host Culture

After last week’s International Day, celebrating the amazing places that we feel most connected with, it was fitting to change the focus to our host culture and appreciate how fortunate we are to be in Texas.

  • texan day drawing 1
  • texan day drawing 2
  • texan day drawing 3
  • texan day drawing 4
  • texan day drawing 5
  • texan day drawing 6
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  • texan day drawing 9

Despite coming from many different places and living in many different countries and having so many stories and experiences that interweave to make us who we are, in this moment in time, one common element to all of us, is living in Houston, Texas. I often wonder, what do the children notice about this place, what do they see, hear, smell or feel?

This week we enjoyed "Go Texan Day”, a city-wide celebration, by putting our best cowboy boot forward and showing our Western pride.This concept was discussed all the way back in 1938 by the General Manager of the Houston Chamber of Commerce, and it was not until the 1950s that it finally was put into practice and has now become an annual tradition in Houston.

The children excitedly arrived at school dressed in their cowboy boots and hats, jeans and plaid shirts. As expected there were so many engaging conversations between the children as dressing as cowboys captured their curiosity and imagination. There were so many ideas about cowboys… What is a cowboy? What do they do? Can girls be cowboys too?

“A cowboy has a cowboy hat and a lasso.”

“Cowboys are wearing jeans.”

“The cowboys are wearing leather so when they fall off they don't hurt themselves.”

“A cowboy is a boy, play with the horses.”

“When the horses get sick the cowboys take care of them until they get better.”

“Cowboys have to feed the horses.”

“They catch stuff.”

“Their job is to catch people and animals.”

“They catch animals.”

“They even try to get their lasso and try and throw it on the animals and if they get them they pull it to them.”

“Cowboys are persons. They lasso and wear cowboy hats. If a cow gets out of the gate they need to lasso it and get it back in the gate.”

“Maybe they ride and they have spiked things in their shoes.”

“They have propellers in the shoe.”

“They kick the horse with it.”

“No not cowboys! girls are cowgirls! And do things like cowboys. Some girls on their boots have propeller things.”

“They ride on horses.”

“I want to ride a horse.”

“One day I ride a horse. And I had a rope in my hand.”

“When I was born I was riding a horse and I didn't even fall off. It was like flying.”

“Yes girls can be cowboys too.”

“They are cowgirls.”

“The girls do the same things as a cowboy.”

“I got that idea because I saw some girls on the horse.”

“I have a hat and jeans, like a cowgirl.”

“I saw cowboy kids.”

“I’m going to draw a wagon.”

“Yes, and the big horses with the big feet. The clip cloppy feet.

“Cowboys ride in the wagon  instead of the horse. It’s on the road.”