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14 March, 2024

Beyond Boundaries: TEDxPrague British International School Youth Inspired Students!

TEDxPrague British Intl School Youth-TEDxPrague British Intl School Youth-TEDxPrague British Intl School4

In the heart of our Libus campus, our first TEDx event, organised by our Career Counsellor, Elisabeth Wilburn, educated and inspired our students. Never heard of TEDx events? Have a look here

We had the pleasure of bringing experts into our campus, inspiring our future generation and sharing ideas worth spreading. With a variety of topics, our students had a chance to learn more about the use of AI in graphic design and beyond, through learning how to build a habit and break (bad) habits, to learning about the hidden benefits of volunteering and 'Why is exercise bad for you?'

It was a pleasure to have our guests, bringing in a unique perspective to the stage. Here is what they shared with us.

Our IB student, Tom, opened the event with insightful tips and activities we can all do to improve our habits and build new ones. He shared how important developing positive habit patterns is and showed a great knowledge in this area. Simultaneously, he highlighted the importance of saying goodbye to the bad habits.

Next on stage was our alumna, Lucie, who took the audience through the journey of overcoming obstacles such as the COVID-19 pandemic, which stood in her way to a dream job. Nevertheless, she found herself in London working as a CyberSecurity Specialist. Lesson Learnt? Life may throw us off the path, but sometimes the path finds us.

We also delved into leadership in and out of schools with Dr. Hayden, who shared his passion for leadership and its importance in shaping individuals and communities. Do you think leadership skills are important?

Slowly but surely, we stepped into the light of transformative technologies with Guillermo Alda, who talked about the cutting edge of AI but also sparked curiosity among students about the limitless possibilities that lie ahead in the digital landscape.

Ever thought of becoming a graphics designer? Lizi Liklikadze shared her journey from Tbilisi, Georgia, to the international environment of the Czech Republic. Her talk focused on the delicate balance between artificial intelligence and the indispensable role of human creativity in graphic design.

Our last speaker, Lene Mordal, with an attention-grabbing speech on why sports may not be good for us, planted a seed of why volunteering may be better than sports. Lene, a counsellor originally from Norway, shared her insights into youth empowerment and her work on diversity, equality, and crime prevention. Lene's message was clear—community engagement and participation in causes beyond personal gain are the keys to happiness.

In the spirit of Ideas Worth Spreading, the event was designed to engage students actively, encouraging them to think critically and question the status quo. The talks weren't just about information; they were about inspiration, sparking a flame within each attendee.