We understand that it's not always easy for parents to combine school drop-off and pick up with work and other responsibilities. Our bus services, which run every day, will make your life that little bit easier.
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At PBIS, we run three bus services.


Home-school-home bus service

At our Vlastina, Kamýk and Libuš campuses, we run a home-school-home service. Your child will be collected outside your home (occasionally we’ll arrange a central pick-up point) and taken to school. After school, your child will be driven home.

We typically run 16 different bus lines that cover most of the city (take a look at our map, below). Our school has a fleet of five minibuses, and we also work with reliable local transport providers. Our bus routes depend on demand. There is a charge for this service; however, we run it on a non-profit basis.

The home-school-home service is available to students aged 4 and above.


Shuttle buses

At our Kamyk and Libuš campuses, we also run five shuttle buses. Each shuttle service leaves from a fixed point in the morning and returns there in the afternoon.

Shuttle buses collect children from the Kačerov or Smíchovské Nádraží metro stations, Prague 6 (Vlastina school and Střešovice), Vinohrady and Průhonice. The buses will drop your child at the same point after school (see our map, below).

Our shuttles are large, city buses that make exclusive journeys for our school. The service is free of charge. Our shuttle buses are available to students aged 5 and above.


After-club buses

We run after-club bus services from our Kamýk and Libuš campuses, which drop our students at Kačerov, Smíchov and Průhonice, and Vinohrady.

This service is free of charge.

Want to discuss your child’s transport needs? Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you find the right service.


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