Our students are proud to wear our smart, colourful uniforms, which create a strong sense of community.
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Early years and primary

Our early years and primary children wear:



The PBIS uniform is made up of PBIS Branded and Non branded items. Logo's and brands should not be overly visible on clothing. 

Branded items:

These items can only be bought from the official PBIS uniform supplier.


Non - Branded items:
These items are available from the official PBIS uniform supplier, however parents are free to buy these items from any supplier or shop.


IB Diploma

The environment around you can have a big impact of how you engage at any given time. At PBIS we have high expectations for academic and social development, and how we present ourselves can help with this. The IB dress code is "Business Casual",  specifically how a professional who works in an office would dress. 

IB Students:

  • Clothing should not contain brands or logos.
  • Formal shirt, polo, turtleneck or blouse (must not be low cut or reveal midriff)
  • Appropriate trousers, dress or skirt and footwear for an office environment (no denim).
  • Tailored knee length shorts can be worn in the summer term.
  • Jacket/blazer/pullover.
  • For physical activity appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn.


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