Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
30 September, 2016

Enchanting Stories with Mr. Clive Pig

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Enchanting Stories with Mr. Clive Pig
Enchanting Stories with Mr. Clive Pig This week our Foundation Stage and Primary students were entertained, inspired and rib-tickled by the wonderfully talented visiting storyteller, poet and author Clive Pig.

This week the wonderfully talented Clive Pig - storyteller, poet and author - inspired, entertained and rib-tickled St. Andrews Foundation Stage and Primary students. Over two days Clive hosted presentations in which he captivated the children, delivering his stories and poetry with fantastic expression and characterisation. He also ran workshops on storytelling and writing for some year groups linked to the topics they are studying.

Clive’s visit was a huge success: when we asked for comments from both students and teachers, we were inundated with positive feedback. Clive is truly passionate about the spoken and written word which came across clearly during his time at St. Andrews. His storytelling was magnificent, as it showed children how to use expression and different tones and voices to engage the listener. He used his own brilliant work to inspire the children to create their own poems and stories.


Clive sent us a message about his visit to St. Andrews:

"I'd like to say a humongous thank you to all the staff and students at the fabulous St. Andrews International School, Bangkok. From beginning to end my visit was an absolute pleasure because of the friendliness and joyful atmosphere that permeates the campus.

"What was especially lovely was that each year group - from Early Years to Year 6 - was so receptive to the variety of tales I shared. The fond memories of my visit to your wonderful school will keep me warm during the chill mists of autumn here in the U.K.
Best wishes, Clive Pig(gopotamus).


Student comments on Clive's visit:

"I liked the Elf story and the funny voices!"  Niamh

"I liked the chocolate poem because the boy ate so much chocolate he turned to chocolate!!" Oscar

Funny! Exciting! That’s Clive Pig!” Pete

I LOVED the stories and poems he told - especially the one with Colin, who was made from chocolate! His book is so funny, and I am enjoying reading it so far.” Suuri
He was funny.” Shunkai

"I liked the funny questions the boy had to answer to get a drink of water." Leti

I liked listening to his stories - they were really funny.” Eames