Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
06 October, 2016

Ancient Egypt Day

Ancient Egypt Day
Ancient Egypt Day Year 4 children enjoyed a fantastic Ancient Egypt-themed curriculum enrichment day last week.

Last week Year 4 held their amazing Ancient Egypt curriculum enrichment day. The children looked resplendent in their finest Ancient Egyptian wear, raring to begin their day of exciting Egyptian activities. Working in groups the children created their own human pyramids before choosing an unlucky volunteer to be mummified! The children worked fantastically well as teams to create some scary mummies.

Later in the morning the children learned about different foods Ancient Egyptians might have eaten, before it was their turn to have a go at creating some of these foods. The children worked collaboratively to make tabbouleh, cucumber chickpea salad and hummus. Mouth-watering smells wafted from the Year 4 area, and it was great to see the children working so well together as they followed their recipes.

Well done Year 4!