Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
02 April, 2018

Key Stage 2: Year 6 launches KS2 Expos

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Key Stage 2: Year 6 launches KS2 Expos Year 6 will hold their Expo on Tuesday, celebrating the work they have done this year...Our students make us proud in sport and music... And, we look forward to focusing on different aspects of what makes a Great St Andrews Student by “choosing kind”. 0402 ks2 11
Year 6 will hold their Expo on Tuesday, celebrating the work they have done this year...Our students make us proud in sport and music... And, we look forward to focusing on different aspects of what makes a Great St Andrews Student by “choosing kind”.

Year 6 Expo

Tomorrow (Tuesday 3rd April) is our first KS2 Expo of the year. This is our new format for year group celebration, replacing the old style year group assemblies. This will be a showcase of the children’s work, which will include a variety of performances as well as an opportunity to have a tour of the Year 6 area led by some of the students. During the tour, you will be able to talk to the children about their work. The Expo will be open to parents first thing in the morning and will start at 8.30 am in the Y6 quad. There will also be an afternoon viewing for parents which starts at 1.30 pm. Between these two sessions, students from the other year groups will be able to enjoy the work too. We hope that you will be able to come along and see the fantastic work that’s been going on in Year 6 this year.

What a week for Music and Sport

Last week was an extremely busy week for our Music and PE Departments with a variety of events and competitions with STA students flying the flag for our school. As always, the students did themselves (and you) proud with their excellent behaviour and amazing displays of sportsmanship, comradery and respect. Well done to everyone who took part in all of these events.

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We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in the readathon, which ran as part of Book Week. The students across the Primary School have raised over 60,000 Baht which will be given to a charity called ARC - the always reading caravan.

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Last Thursday and Friday, the children across KS2 had the chance to work with Miss Yoshimi- the founder of the charity - which provides books and builds libraries for poor communities around Thailand. Miss Yoshimi, who is herself blind, ran sessions in which she explained to the children how she reads Braille. She also taught the children how she writes using a stylus. This was a unique opportunity for the children to ask some questions to help them better understand the challenges faced by a blind person and how they overcome them. You can read more about the children’s experiences of these sessions here.

Special thanks go to Ms Kiyomi who made sure everything ran smoothly for Miss Yoshi’s visit with us.

If you have still to collect your sponsor money, please don’t worry, bring it into school and we will make sure we add it to the total.

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Songkran Celebration

This Thursday is our annual Songkran celebration. The day will begin with an (optional) alms giving ceremony to the monks who visit school to offer their blessings. This will be followed by the Songkran assembly, which begins at 9.00 am. Parents are welcome to come along to enjoy the assembly. In the afternoon, the students will be able to enjoy the water play celebration.

All students should come to school on Thursday wearing flowery Songkran shirts, which available in the shops and markets.

Please remember:

  • Small food parcels for three monks maximum (optional)

  • Songkran shirt or dress

  • A complete change of clothes (including underwear) for after the water play

  • A towel

  • Swimsuit (optional)

  • Water shoes if you have any, or shoes you don’t mind getting wet

  • Goggles or face mask (optional)

  • NO WATER GUNS - we will provide water pots for the children to use

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Parent Consultations

The final parent consultation is tomorrow (Tuesday 3 April). You can still make an appointment if you haven’t done so. At this stage, it is best to contact the class teachers directly. You can check the confirmed appointment times by clicking on this link.

A date for your diary - Elizabeth Jarman Seminar for Parents - Wednesday 25 April

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Families who have been with us for a couple of years might remember visits from a consultant from the UK, Elizabeth Jarman. Elizabeth, creator of the Communication Friendly Spaces Approach, is a great friend of St Andrews International School Bangkok and has worked with us in the past developing our school environment to best support communication and language development. Elizabeth will be visiting St Andrews in the first week of Term 3 and she likes to offer a seminar for parents when she is visiting. This time, she will be talking about “Language and Communication Spaces”. Her talks are especially popular with the parents of our youngest children, but everyone is welcome. We would be grateful if you could take five minutes to complete this questionnaire to help us cater for the event.

The meeting will be held in the Exam Room - Top floor of the R Building (Primary School) at 08.00 am.

Find out more about Elizabeth’s work here.

Coming Soon

Next term, we are going to be focusing on a few different aspects of the What Makes A Great St Andrews Community which we are going to be grouping under the theme of Choose Kind. Keep an eye out for more details on this after the holiday.

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Dates to remember for the remainder of this term:

  • Year 6 Expo - Tuesday 3 April (see above for details)

  • Instrumental ECA Concert - Tuesday 3 April

  • Parent Teacher Consultations - Tuesday 3 April

  • KS2 Dance performance for parents - Wednesday 4 April, 8.30 - 9.00 am in the Y6 quad

  • Songkran assembly and celebration - Thursday 5 April

  • Last day of term - Thursday 5 April