Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
27 August, 2018

Primary School Sport: 2018 kick off

Primary School Sport: 2018 kick off Read through all of the options available in Primary Sport during the school day, after school, and at the weekend.

Read through all of the options available in Primary Sport during the school day, after school, and at the weekend.

It’s been a great start to the new term with children enjoying their first PE and swim lessons. The children have now met their first teacher for PE and all KS2 children will know which is their swimming day and which day they have PE. Some of our PE groups this year with have specialist dance, gymnastics, yoga and also tennis, which is an exciting development for our children.

In a couple of weeks we will be carrying out the 1000m challenge for all KS2 children. We feel it is important to start the year by talking to the children about their fitness levels and their understanding of the importance of sport and exercise to their health. Also, we have some athletics events coming up and we will be looking for some of our strongest runners.

Swim Rewards Scheme

Another new development within our Sports Department is our new swimming rewards scheme. Children will receive their certificate once they have passed the level they are trying to achieve. This is a great development and reward and motivate the children the reach that next level.


STA Sports ECA & Squads Programme

ECA Programme

Our ECA sports programme is a “sports for all” programme with many different sports on offer from dance and gymnastics to tennis, basketball, golf, football and badminton. We also have football, basketball and gymnastics on Saturday mornings with our STA coaches. We also hope to add dance lessons to the Saturday programme. Our aim is to encourage all children to be active and be part of our sports ECA programme and love playing sport at STA.

Swim timetable

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Sports ECA timetable

The Sports ECA timetable can be found here. There are still some pending times and locations so please be sure to check this sheet again.


Our squads are a big commitment with training all year round. We compete in several international tournaments, BISAC & TISAC Conferences and many invitationals across Bangkok and Asia. Later on in the year we also have our Primary FOBISIA Games. Forty athletes will be selected to compete. The children will be selected at the end of Term 1 with training starting during the first week back in Term 2. We will highlighting Year 5 & 6 children during lessons and squad training who will feel may make the FOBISIA team and we will also have a trial at the end of Term 1.

Due to the demand and a lack of space for the number of children we have in our squads a number of our squads train off site. Squad football is at Soccer Pro (On Nut 17), U11 Tennis squad is at Spin and Slice and teeball (NAE Squad) on Friday is at Arsenal (Pridi Soi 21). The children will be transported to the training facilities and then either picked up from the site or taken back to school to use the school bus service or be collected by parents/guardians. More details will be given if your child/children are selected.

Changes to Squads

We have some great new developments this year with another gymnastics squad being added to the squad programme and also 2 new dance squads. Our tennis programme is also expanding.

Squads Schedule


  • U9/U11 Boys Football Squad

  • U11 Girls Basketball Squad

  • Years 2 & 3 Cheerleading Squad

  • U11 badminton (lunchtime)


  • U9/U11 Girls Football Squad

  • Years 1&2 Gymnastics Squad

  • U9 badminton (lunchtime)


  • NAE Games Teeball

  • Years 4, 5 & 6 Dance Squad

  • Year 1&2 Boys Football Squad


  • U11 Boys Basketball Squad

  • Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 Gymnastics Squad

  • U9 Girls & Boys Basketball Squad (lunchtime)


  • U11 Boys Basketball Blaze Squad (lunchtime)

  • U11 Girls Basketball Blaze Squad (lunchtime)

  • NAE Games Teeball


We are pleased to welcome Coach Pair to our St Andrews community this year. Pair comes to us with a wealth of experience in both coaching and playing tennis; having represented the Thailand Tennis Team as a Junior and Lead High Performance Tennis Programmes in Shanghai, China. She will be a valuable addition to our team. Pair will take on the role of Head Tennis Coach to offer new and exciting developments to our entire community.

With a dedicated member of coaching staff for ennis, the organisational structure of our programme will change allowing all children to enjoy tennis at a level appropriate to them.

Weekly Breakdown

  • 8 squads for all ages and abilities

  • 12 seperate coaching sessions

  • 196 available spaces

Assessment week

  • All children from Year 1 on will be able to show us their tennis skills from Monday 27 - Friday 31 August 2018.

  • It is important to understand that all children will be put into a squad, the assessment week will allow us to assess the level most beneficial to them.

For a breakdown of assessment times and locations please see the timetable below.


How to Register:

  • If your child is at our Primary campus you will have received an email to register your interest as part of our wider primary sports programme.

  • If your child is at our High school campus your child can register their interest at the sports sign up fair on Tuesday Lunchtime in the Sports Hall.

  • If you have any questions please email: or

Squad Sign Up Process:

  • All parents will receive an email communication by Friday 31 August.

  • This will inform them of their child’s squad and give individualised detailed information.

  • Sign ups will be open from 9:00 a.m. on Saturday 1 September to 9.00 p.m. on Tuesday 4 September.

  • All tennis sessions will be priced at ฿300 per session and charged on a termly basis.

  • Spaces in some squads will be limited therefore the sign up process will be a first come first served basis.

Parent Tennis

We are pleased to be able to extend tennis to our parent ECA programme. Sessions will be free of charge and you can sign up using your parent Moodle account. Term 1 sessions will be organised as follows:

Tennis Xpress
Where: STA High School Blue Area
When: Wednesday 8.00 - 9.00 a.m.
Who: Beginner Level (Max 5 players)
What: Tennis Xpress is an easy, active and fun tennis programme for adults. The main focus is to introduce beginner adult players to tennis using the slower balls on a full size tennis court. The programme helps beginners to serve, rally and score (play the game) from the first session. All adults will know the basic techniques, tactics, rules of tennis and will be able to play points on a full court.

TGIF Tennis League
: STA High School Blue Area
When: Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 9.00 a.m.
Who: Beginner/Intermediate Level (Max 6 players)
What: Early morning tennis match play for adults from beginner up to intermediate level. The league will provide a fun and friendly format organized by the coaches.

  • Introduction to match play. Players will learn the correct court positions, scoring of games, rules of the game and some tactics for Singles and Doubles.

  • Singles/doubles/mixed doubles format.

  • Coaches provide tennis tips during the match plays.

  • Tennis balls are provided and courts organized by the coach.

Nord Anglia Games (NAE Games)

The NAE Games is a 2-day sports tournament, held in late November, involving NAE Schools across South East Asia. The Games have been running for the last 2 years, with STA hosting the Games last year. It is a great tournament involving 1 day of teeball and 1 day of basketball. Twenty four children are selected (12 girls and 12 boys from Years 5 & 6). This year we will fly to Cambodia and look forward to getting the team ready to produce our usual high standards of performance. If your child is selected for the Games then the training will be the following during Term 1 only:


  • Wednesday, this session is optional as we are aware that children want to do other ECA’s (STA sports field) and Friday (Arsenal training facility) - 2.45 - 4.15pm


  • Monday - Girls 2.45 - 4.15 p.m.

  • Thursday - Boys 2.45 - 4.15 p.m.

The 24 children will be selected from how well they do at either the basketball or teeball trials. Children must all play teeball but not everyone has to play basketball. In previous years we have had teeball specialists who just want to come to play teeball.

Trial Dates

We have completed a number of trials and have a full week of trials coming up. Emails will be sent to all children’s parents who attended the trials to let them know of the result. Please be patient as some of the decisions are not easy to make. We have had an amazing response to sign ups with over 350 children signing up and over 650 squad places. The remaining trial list is below. If you have any questions or would like to have your child participate in the squads please email me.

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All trials are from 2.45 until 4.15 p.m. unless otherwise stated. For your information, the U11 category encompasses students from Years 5 & 6 (other than tennis which includes Years 4, 5 & 6) and te U9 category includes children from Years 3 & 4.

Football - Field

  • 27 August – U11 Boys

  • 28 August – U9 Boys

  • 29 August – U11 Girls

  • 30 August – U9 Girls

  • 6 September – Y1/2 boys

Basketball - Sports Hall

  • 31 August – U9 Girls/Boys

Gymnastics - Gymnastics Centre

  • 28 August - Y1 & 2

Tennis - (2.45 - 3.45)

  • 27 August - Year 1 - Red Room

  • 29 August - Year 3 - Blue area

  • 30 August - U11 (Years 4, 5 & 6) Girls and Boys (2.45 leave school by bus, 4.30 pick up from Spin and Slice).

  • 31 August - Year 2 - Red Room

Dance - Dance Studio

  • 27 August - Years 4/5/6 Dance Squad

Dates for your diary

We have some major sports competitions coming up in the first term of the new academic year. Please keep the following in your diary.

  • 29 September - U11/U9 Football @ Shrewsbury

  • 30 September - Tiger Prawn Swim Meet

  • 30 September - BISAC Cross Country

  • 13 October - Patana Friendly Swim Meet

  • 3 November - Marlins Swim Champs

  • 3 November - BISAC U11 Basketball

  • 9 November - Athletics @ Shrewsbury

  • 10/11 November - ISB Swimfest

  • 17 November - STA Swim Champs

  • 18 November - U11/U9 Harrow Cup

  • 22-25 November - BISP Soccer 7s U9 BOys, U11 Boys and Girls

  • 29 November - 2 December - NAE Games

  • I December - Gymnastics Bambi Games

  • 8 December - Gymnastics Junior ISB

Here is a small selection of fun videos from last year for you to enjoy and remember what a fantastic year of sport we had:

If you any questions about Primary sport you can either email Mr Damon ( our Head of Primary PE or book an appointment to speak to him about the opportunities your child’s/children’s will have at STA.