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03 September, 2018

Key Stage 2: Recognising our stars

Key Stage 2: Recognising our stars Key Stage 2 has introduced new certificates to celebrate student success and effort in different areas.

Key Stage 2 has introduced new certificates to celebrate student success and effort in different areas.

ECA Update

You will all be receiving an email from with some important, updated, information about our ECA programme. Please look out for this email and make sure you read it carefully as there have been some changes to the start date and schedule of ECAs that you need to be aware of. You can also find out more about these changes by clicking on this link.

Celebrating Success in KS2

Every year in our Parent Survey, one area that always comes up is how we celebrate success outside of the academic. While we will continue to use our Star of the Week certificates, which celebrate children’s successes in the classroom, we are introducing new recognition certificates, which will allow us to celebrate children’s successes and efforts in other areas too, such as being a good friend or being helpful in the canteen. Keep an eye out for these over the coming weeks.

Children who receive one of these certificates will also be awarded 5 house points.


Mrs Leanne, our Primary Literacy Coordinator, has also introduced a new certificate to celebrate students’ writing. Children who have worked particularly hard with their writing will be nominated by their teacher and the work will be shared with Mrs Leanne, their Year Leader and with Mr Geoff.


Meet the Teacher

Thank you to everyone who came along to last week’s Meet the Year Group information sessions. Continuing with the introduction the new school year, this week, we will be hosting Meet the Teacher sessions, which you should have signed up for either during last week’s Year Group sessions or on forms sent separately by the class teachers. These 5 minute sessions are your opportunity to find out how your child has settled into their new class as well as being a chance to share any information that you think is relevant. Please note that at this early stage of the term, the teachers will not be doing full consultation on each child’s progress in specific areas such as English and maths. This is simply a short, general, get to know you session.

  • If you haven’t managed to book a slot yet, please contact your child’s class teacher directly

Important email addresses

Below are the email addresses you will need to communicate with the Key people across KS2

Year 3;;;;;;

Year 4;;;;; (Mr Sam); (Mrs Sam);

Year 5;;;;;;;

Year 6;;;;;;;


Learning Support;






Annie - The KS2 Production

Starting this week, Ms Sarah and the production will be hosting the auditions for our KS2 production- Annie. The response to the auditions has been amazing with approximately 120 students putting their names forward for a chance to be in the show. Our script, which comes from Music Theatre International in New York has a cast of 30, which, as part of the performance contract, cannot be altered.

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While we know that there will inevitably be some disappointed children at the end of the audition process, we hope that their passion for performing stays strong and they try out again next year when the opportunity arises. People who don’t make it to the final cast can still get involved by joining our props and scenery ECA in term 2, where they can lend their creative talents to help make the show look Broadway worthy.