Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
19 November, 2018

PTG: Lost and Found and the Sale of Second-hand uniform

PTG: Lost and Found and the Sale of Second-hand uniform The third update in our new series of communications is all about Lost and Found and the Sale of Second-hand uniform. file1hero

The third update in our new series of communications is all about Lost and Found and the Sale of Second-hand uniform.

The PTG has been busy behind the scenes setting up procedures for a) how to recover lost property and b) what to do with the piles of outgrown uniforms that may be cluttering up your cupboard at home.

Lost and Found (Primary School)

My child has lost his/her water bottle/hat/pencil case – how do I get it back? Don’t worry! The PTG has established procedures to allow students and parents the opportunity to recover misplaced or forgotten items. To read the procedures in full, please check Moodle (under “PTG”). Here’s an abridged version.

  • If you find a valuable item, please take it immediately to the School Office.

  • If you find non-valuable unattended items, please leave them where they are – this gives the owner the chance to return to where they left it and collect it themselves.

  • Estates will collect any items still found at the end of the day and deliver them to the Lost Property Room (open Tue/Thu 7–9 a.m. for children and anytime for parents, who can ask to borrow the key from the School Office; please note that children may only have access to the key if accompanied by a teacher or parent).

  • Except hats, any items clearly marked with a student’s name will be returned to the child’s classroom. Hats will stay in the lost property until retrieved.

  • Un-named items (non-uniform) will be kept in Lost Property for 1 month and then passed on to charity. Un-named uniforms/hats will be kept in Lost Property for 2 months and then handed over to our Second-hand Uniform Shop to be sold. Proceeds from the sale of second-hand uniform is given to charity Uniforms4Good, part of the Baan Dek Foundation.

Second-hand uniforms (High School too!)

Calling all parents with unused uniforms at home! Please consider donating them – we will resell them for charity. We welcome all uniform donations for both Primary and High School. Please drop them off at the respective School Offices clearly marked for SECOND HAND. (For Primary, you can also give bring them to the Lost Property Room on Tues/Thurs 7–9 a.m.)

In Primary School, you can buy second-hand uniforms and other school supplies on Tues/Thurs 7–9 a.m. while Lost Property is open. If you’re looking for a particular size, please ask Sarah or Nikki at As soon as we receive more stock for High School (check your cupboards, please!) we will hold sales there too.

Drive to improve communications

An email was sent to Primary School parents on Friday attaching a short questionnaire about communications. The PTG Committee is constantly trying to improve communications and we would be most grateful if you could take 5 minutes to complete the survey.

Eco Warriors Club

The Eco Warriors club in Primary School is looking for help from parents. They need willing volunteers to help develop and maintain a vegetable garden on the top of the R block building. This is a huge job but with your help they know they can do it.

Why do we want to grow our own vegetables?

A school garden is a powerful educational tool. Through gardening, students become more responsible and learn important science skills of trial and error, predicting and problem solving. They have the opportunity to learn real agricultural life skills on a small scale as well as understand the interconnections among all living and nonliving things. The children also gain a deep understanding of where their food comes from and how to harvest and prepare healthy and delicious food. In addition, working with nature is very relaxing and allows children to really focus and unwind whilst building important teamwork skills.

What we need to succeed

We need help! We know that many of our parents are skilled and knowledgeable gardeners, understanding well what will grow specifically in Thailand. We need help sourcing high quality local seeds and soil. We need people to help us develop and maintain the space. All expertise is welcome!

If you are interested please contact Miss Helen on