Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
29 April, 2019

Primary School Sport: A balanced team effort

Primary School Sport: A balanced team effort Tennis, gymnastics, swimming and tee ball in one weekend. Find out how our STA athletes performed... c4f2baa6bf5f4eeca0d78f1f63f7cf62HERO

Tennis, gymnastics, swimming and tee ball in one weekend. Find out how our STA athletes performed...

It really was an actioned-packed weekend of sport with over 100 children representing STA in tee ball, tennis, gymnastics and swimming. A great effort by our athletes and, as always our children performed with high levels of skill, tenacity and resilience.

Also, last week we had our first of 7 Sports Days with our FS3 children showing off their sporting skills. This week we have Year 5 Sports day on Monday and Year 4 Sports Day on Tuesday.


We have done it! STA have won their first ever team trophy with our Boys Level 1 3rd Place, at the BISAC Gymnastics Competition.

All our gymnasts were exceptional over the weekend and Miss Bogi is very proud of the progress they have been making.

Coming up

  • 18 May - NIST Gymnastics


It was a great effort by our tee-ballers on Saturday with some outstanding play against good opposition. Our girls were really impressive and came runners up in a really close tournament. Our Blaze boys team were undefeated and our Flames team came 3rd in some high-level tee ball. A big thank you to those children who are not part of the FOBISIA team but came to play and were exceptional.

Next up are our BISAC friendlies on Thursday 2 May and then the boys on 8 May. Then we have a very important FOBISIA teeball friendly with Patana on 14 May.

  • 2 May - U11 Girls teeball friendly @ NIST,  2.15 p.m. leave

  • 8 May - U11 Boys teeball friendly @ NIST,  2.15 p.m. leave

  • 14 May - teeball @ BPS - FOBISIA team, 2.15 p.m. leave (FOBISIA teams)



Sport Day

Last week it was our FS3 children’s turn to show off the skills they have learnt this year in their 2019 Sports Day. Some great teamwork and skill were shown throughout the 2 hours. Akha House were crowned the FS3 House Sport Day Champions 2019.


Our boys FOBISIA football teams were in action today in their friendly vs Shrewsbury. Great preparation as FOBISIA edges closer and closer.

Next is our tournament at Harrow on 11th May. These will be the last be the last matches before FOBISIA.

  • 11 May - HIS Football Festival - U9 Girls/boys A & B team - U11 Girls/Boys A & B teams.


There are some very exciting games coming up for our Primary ballers. First, we have our the Friday Night Game vs BISP on 17 May, followed by the U11 Flames 3on3 Tournament on 18 May.


It will not be long before 40 of our athletes travel to Phuket to represent St Andrews International School Bangkok at the Primary FOBISIA Games. The Games start on 11 June (travel to Phuket on 10 June) with 3 days of sporting competition (swimming, athletics, teeball and football) before heading home on 14 June. Once again it will be a tough few days with our children competing against some of the best sports schools in Asia.

We have some fixtures arranged for our children before the Games. These are brilliant opportunities for the children to play in their teams before the big three days.

  • 29 April - U11 FOBISIA teams football friendly vs Shrewsbury @ Soccer Pro, 3.00 p.m. KO

  • 11 May - HIS Football Festival

  • 14 May - Teeball @ BPS - FOBISIA team - 2.15 p.m. leave

  • Teeball vs Shrewsbury TBC

The parent meeting before the Games is below. This is a chance to give more details and answer any questions you may have.

  • 2 May FOBISIA Parent meeting with Mr Damon - PE Classroom - 3.30 p.m.

Sport outside School

Well done to Jory, Esh and Karlo who went to a big International football Tournament last week and were crowned Champions!

Some of the Events coming in Term 3

  • 2 May - U11 Girls Teeball friendly @ NIST, 2.15 p.m. leave

  • 2 May FOBISIA Parent meeting with Mr Damon - PE Classroom - 3.30 p.m.

  • 4 May - Water Polo @ SHB

  • 8 May - U11 Boys Teeball friendly @ NIST, 2.15 p.m. leave

  • 9 May - TISAC Badminton Tournament

  • 11 May - HIS Football Festival

  • 11 May - BISAC Single Tennis Tournament @ ISB and BPS

  • 14 May - Teeball @ BPS - FOBISIA team - 2.15 p.m. leave

  • 18 May - NIST Gymnastics

  • 25 May - Mini Marlin Mayhem

  • 30 May - U9 Invitational Tennis vs BPS

  • 8 June - U9 Orange Ball Tennis Tournament

  • 10 - 14 June - Primary FOBISIA Games

Keep in touch

Please stay up-to-date by joining our STA Flames & Marlins Facebook closed group for parents and students who are part of our Sports Programme. We try to add as many of the events we go to and also keep you updated on fixtures,competitions and tournaments coming up.

As it’s a closed group not open to the general public, please complete the questions so that we know if you’re part of our STA community.

Parents may post to this group and it’s been great to see some of your photos of our children in action!

New range of supporter T-shirts

We know how supportive our parent community is in the lives of our students at St Andrews International School Bangkok - it’s one of the things that makes our school so special - and we are excited to announce that we have a new range of parent supporter T-shirts just for you.

These great shirts are now available at the Uniform Shop at both Primary and High School for the very reasonable price of 250 baht (220 baht for the sleeveless top). Be a part of the team.

Sporting Conferences

We appreciate that you are often hearing different acronyms - TISAC, BISAC, FOBISIA - that we are involved in but may not know much about them. We hope that the following overview will therefore be useful.

We are currently members of four conferences or organisations:

TISAC: Thailand International Schools Activities Conference

We have been members for many years. This has 16 schools involved which vary in size from small to very large. Currently, we mostly enter Blaze teams in TISAC. There are leagues and tournaments in several sports from U9-U19 and next year, TISAC will also start its own multi-sport Games for Primary children.

BISAC: Bangkok International Schools Athletic Conference

This is our first year in BISAC. The 12-school membership includes the largest international schools in Bangkok in leagues and tournaments across many sports, from U9-U19, split into four seasons through the year. BISAC schools also run invitational tournaments.

FOBISIA: Federation of British International Schools in Asia

This has three major multi-sport Games per year (Primary, U13 and U15) that take place in Phuket against other schools across Asia. There are also single-sport events in Tennis, Golf, Swimming and more, which take place across Asia and provide some amazing travel opportunities.

NAE: Nord Anglia Education

We are part of the South East Asia division and meet for a U11 multi-sport Games once a year. Our schools take it in turn to host the NAE Games.

In addition, we are part of the wider circuit regionally which means we are invited to a whole range of other events across Thailand.

Currently we are able to offer STA students opportunities through these conferences in Football, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, Badminton, Golf, Teeball, Track and Field, Triathlon, Cross Country.

If you have any questions about these conferences, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Damon (