Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
26 August, 2019

Primary School Sport: Come and try

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Primary School Sport: Come and try Our PE team are ready for ‘Come and Try Week’ with more children wanting to be part of STA sport than ever before! pasted image 0 1

Our PE team are ready for ‘Come and Try Week’ with more children wanting to be part of STA sport than ever before!

We hope everyone had an enjoyable first week back and your child/children have enjoyed their first PE and swim lessons at St Andrews International School Bangkok. This week is a big week as over 5 days we welcome over 500 children to our first ‘Come & Try Week’. We look forward to seeing them and starting them on their journey in sport and exercise. 

After the ‘Come & Try Week’ from the 31st August there will be a sign up for all the STA Sports and also the Sports ECAs. Please read below for more details. 

Key Dates 

  • Monday 26th - Friday 30th August - 'Come and Try Week'

  • Saturday 31st August - Tuesday 3rd September - Whole School, Sport & Swimming ECA sign up via Moodle

  • Monday 9th September - Whole School, Sport & Swimming ECA's begin

Come and Try week

Our aim is to ensure we have suitable provision in a Sport Programme that meets the needs of every individual child. To help us do so, we would like to offer a 'Come and Try week' where children come to a sports session to see whether they would like to continue this sport throughout the term.

We will begin the year with a 'Come and Try week' from Monday 26th - Friday 30th August. This includes all of our Flames Sports. It is important that if your child wishes to play sport they join us during the 'Come and Try week'. This will allow us to make plans that best suit their needs in the upcoming year.

Whole School ECA, Sport & Swim Sign ups

Following 'Come and Try week' you will need to sign up your child via Moodle to join our full program as part of the whole school ECA sign up. 

The ECA sign up will take place from 10 am on Saturday 31st August - 5 pm on Tuesday 3rd September. Full information on our whole school ECA program will follow later next week.

Sessions will begin on Monday 9th September.

Nord Anglia Games

One of our overseas trips during Term 1 is the NAE Games, which is a 2-day tournament combining basketball and tee-ball. This year we travel to Vietnam for 4 days. It is a great, fun tournament for the children and the PE look forward to taking the 20 children from Year 5 & 6 on the trip. Children will be invited on the trip once we have looked at both our basketballers and our tee ballers. If you would like any further details about the trip, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


We hope everyone has a wonderful beginning of the school year. The swim team will hold in-class assessment during curriculum swimming time throughout this week, kindly note that this assessment is for new students who would like to join Swim ECA and Swim Squad. 

Returning students will be assigned automatically to ECA and Squad they were in from Term 3 2019/19.

All Swim Sign up will be preference-based and you have from Saturday 31st Aug to Tuesday 3rd September to list your preferences.

Outside of School Sport

More great news from our ice hockey community. STA's Neungdeaw and Coolbi, playing with the Ultimate Warriors team against many top teams in Asia, won the U10 Division earlier this month at the 2019 AYHL- Asian Youth Ice Hockey League in China. Pictures from the competition can be found here.

Keep in touch

Please stay up-to-date by joining our STA Flames & Marlins Facebook group for parents and students who are part of our Sport Programme.

As it’s a closed group not open to the general public, please complete the questions so that we know if you’re part of our STA community.

Parents may post to this group and it’s been great to see some of your photos of our kids in action!

Sporting Conferences

We appreciate that you are often hearing different acronyms - TISAC, BISAC, FOBISIA - that we are involved in but may not know much about them. We hope that the following overview will, therefore, be useful.

We are currently members of four conferences or organisations:


TISAC: Thailand International Schools Activities Conference

We have been members for many years. This has 16 schools involved which vary in size from small to very large. Currently, we mostly enter Blaze teams in TISAC. There are leagues and tournaments in several sports from U9-U19 and next year, TISAC will also start its own multi-sport Games for Primary children.

BISAC: Bangkok International Schools Athletic Conference

This is our first year in BISAC. The 12-school membership includes the largest international schools in Bangkok in leagues and tournaments across many sports, from U9-U19, split into four seasons through the year. BISAC schools also run invitational tournaments.

FOBISIA: Federation of British International Schools in Asia

This has three major multi-sport Games per year (Primary, U13 and U15) that take place in Phuket against other schools across Asia. There are also single-sport events in Tennis, Golf, Swimming and more, which take place across Asia and provide some amazing travel opportunities.

NAE: Nord Anglia Education

We are part of the South East Asia division and meet for a U11 multi-sport Games once a year. Our schools take it in turn to host the NAE Games.

In addition, we are part of the wider circuit regionally which means we are invited to a whole range of other events across Thailand. 

Currently, we are able to offer STA students opportunities through these conferences in Football, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, Badminton, Golf, Teeball, Track and Field, Triathlon, Cross Country.

If you have any questions about these conferences, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Damon (