Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
02 September, 2019

High School Sport: Getting involved

High School Sport: Getting involved Taking a look at all the opportunity to take part after try out week.

Taking a look at all the opportunity to take part after try out week.

Last week we had over 1000 try out places filled by our St Andrews International School Bangkok high school students. It was great to see so many students taking part in sport and we look forward to seeing all of these players take part this year. You will have received an email to give more details on the opportunities available, we will do our best to make sure nobody misses out.

This year we are not selecting teams, instead, all players are put into groups that most suit their individual needs. As players will train at similar times and locations, we are able to move players around based on their progress and select players for competition depending on the suitability of the opportunity.

This means we can open our doors to all players who are willing to work hard and commit to being successful while being physically active. We’re very excited to get started and see all of you having fun through sport!

Key Dates

  • Monday 2nd September - BISAC Season 1 training begins.

  • Monday 9th September - Whole School, Sport & Swimming ECAs begin

Keep in touch

Please stay up-to-date by joining our STA Flames & Marlins Facebook group for parents and students who are part of our Sport Programme.

Parents may post to this group and it’s been great to see some of your photos of our kids in action!