Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
28 February, 2022

The Day the Toys came to Life!

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The Day the Toys came to Life! Y1CametolifeHero

An extraordinary day that our Year 1 students won't forget for a long time! Learn more about the special day below...

Mr Richard's (Year 1R)account from the day 

Something strange has been happening recently in Year 1. It all started a couple of weeks ago, when the toys the children had brought in to help us with some activities in class, appeared to have come to life and began causing a little mischief.

Nothing too serious at first, and the children began to speculate what might have happened and created their own stories about the incidents. The children used speech bubbles and speech marks to write a narrative of what the toys had been doing. 

Then on Tuesday morning, we arrived at school and were alerted to a very serious incident in the Year 1 classrooms. The rooms had been taped off, and we gathered in the Drama Studio while we waited for news. Security finally gave the all-clear, and we returned to the classrooms to see that the toys had caused absolute chaos overnight. There was stuff everywhere as the toys had been having a huge party! 

We quickly documented all our evidence, taking pictures to post on Seesaw, before tidying up their mess. Mr Paul sent us a serious message, asking for our help figuring out what happened and why. The children used their newly learned letter writing skills to ask the toys if they knew what had happened and why they had done it. The toys responded, exclaiming that they did not know how to play nicely as they had never been told how. The children then quickly decided on some rules for the toys and shared ideas of how to play nicely together. 

In the end, the toys were happy and promised not to make such a big mess again. One last thing to do was to write a letter to Mr Paul, explaining why the toys had made such a mess,  letting him know that they had promised not to do it again. The children did a fantastic job in figuring out what had happened. Let's just hope it doesn’t happen again when the children take their toys home, along with their new homemade sock puppet friends… 

The importance of play cannot be overstated! Our curriculum is delievered in ways that encourages discovery, multi-sensory exploration and role-play. Playing allows children to develop an enormous range of skills with communication, language and physical development. 

*Note these were filmed pre-covid