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06 April, 2022

Primary and Foundation Stage: What a fabulous Term!

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Primary and Foundation Stage: What a fabulous Term! Year 1 become little scientists, we have an Elephant Art Auction, Year 3 wrap up ‘Ancient Greece’, Science Week a success, Wonderful word-builders, and Year 2 explore Siam Ocean World! Year 3 Greek Day 212210

Year 1 become little scientists, we have an Elephant Art Auction, Year 3 wrap up ‘Ancient Greece’, Science Week a success, Wonderful word-builders, and Year 2 explore Siam Ocean World!

As we reach the last few days for the term, we look back on a very busy week. It has been so good to see so many activities happening around the school.  We even managed to get a Year Group on a school trip! The teachers and support staff have worked tirelessly to make sure these wonderful events happen around the school and I thank them all for their hard work. 

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and relaxing break and, as always, to thank you for your continued support.

Mr Steve - Deputy Head Primary and Foundation Stage

Year 1 become Little Scientists

Y1E has been learning all about the Polar Habitats. Over the course of the half term, they have been carrying out lots of investigations and experiments about all things cold and icy! We have been asking questions such as “How do penguins stay warm?’, “How fast can ice melt?” and the most exciting “How do we make ice cream?”

The children have been learning the importance of documenting our investigations - just like real scientists! We discovered lots of information and some fascinating answers. We also realised that having questions about the world around us never stops, there is always more to learn and find out!

Ms Emma Year 1 Leader

STA raise an eye-watering amount for GTAEF with an Elephant themed Art Auction

Last week and this week have seen the STA Community bidding on wonderful pieces of art created by all the classes in Primary and Foundation Stage. So far the community has raised an incredible 119,500 Baht. 

Elephant Art Auction Information

Year 3s enjoy their Greek Day

To wrap up their 'Ancient Greece' topic, the Year 3 children enjoyed a Greek Day last Thursday. The day started with the children fantastically dressed in costumes linked to our Term 2 topic - we had several Medusas, a number of Greek Gods and Goddesses, Spartan warriors and even a minotaur!

Throughout the day, the children enjoyed a variety of activities including Olympic style games, making and eating delicious Greek salads and also performing a song - 'Living it up in Greece' - in the Year 6 quad. The students had a great day, enjoyed by all and a wonderful way to end yet another exciting topic in Year 3.

Mr Michael - Year 3 Leader

Science Week a Success

Last week, the children at the Primary school celebrated science week with a whole host of activities relating to ‘Growth’. Some of the activities enjoyed by the children were investigating how to change the size of shadows, creating an interactive digestive system and increasing the brightness of bulbs. During the week, the whole school also investigated which year groups grow the most by measuring the length of their arms and legs and then comparing the results with the year groups above and below them. We found out that children have the most amount of growth between Years 2 and 3 and Years 4 and 5.

There were also 2 competitions that the children and families entered, and Mr Jon was overwhelmed by the number of entries he received. At home, children were creating volcanoes, mixing different chemicals to create reactions and demonstrating that heat rises. The results of the competitions will be announced soon.

Our science teachers from the High School created an exciting science show video for the children to watch which demonstrated some explosive, do not try at home reactions.

Mr Jon - Primary Science Coordinator

Year 2 enjoy Siam Ocean World

Last week Year 2 children were fortunate enough to go on their first educational trip of the year.  We went to Sealife Ocean World.  

Here are some photos and some of the reports of the children to tell you about their day:

“On Wednesday I went to Ocean World, I was so excited.  First I went on the bus. Then I ate my snack. After that, I went to Ocean World and saw the super, giant Spider crab with long legs!

Next, I went in the amazing arch tunnel and I saw the sharks with toothy grins! Then I went to touch the starfish with Thien. After that, we hopped on the school bus. And when we arrived at school and I ate lunch. 

After lunch, we watched the snail and the whale. That is the best day in school!”

Thee 2E

Wonderful Word-building in Primary!

Over the last few weeks, the children have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Word Mania competition. STA did exceptionally well in the competition round, as EVERY year group in Primary managed to get into the final round!

Last week, we battled it out against the other top 50 schools around the world. Here are the final positions we came:

Year 1 - 48th
Year 2 - 18th
Year 3 - 5th
Year 4 - 9th
Year 5 - 9th
Year 6 - 11th

The top three word-builders in each will receive house points, and additional house points have already been given  to the top 3 students in each year group:


1st place - 20 

2nd place - 15

3rd place - 10


Year 1: 1st - Kiyara | 2nd -  Pailim | 3rd - Lola

Year 2: 1st -  Hania |  2nd -  Toh | 3rd - Japan

Year 3: 1st -Shota | 2nd - Krish | 3rd - Louis

Year 4: 1st - Nelson | 2nd -  Aarin | 3rd -  Peton

Year 5: 1st - Itt | 2nd -  Kaan | 3rd - Prasanna

Year 6: 1st -  Thynith | 2nd -  Joel | 3rd - Filip

Well done to all the children for taking part. What a fantastic achievement!

Ms Leanne Primary English Coordinator

Autism Awareness Week

Friday saw the celebration of Autism Awareness Week here at STA. Students brought flags and blue shakers along to the Y6 Quad. All that were there enjoyed singing, shaking and dancing to a variety of songs sung by Miss Kitty, Mrs Verity and all our STARS students and teachers.

Wristbands had been sold all week to raise awareness and funds for Autism Charities. 

Thank you to all the Learning Support staff that worked hard to make this week a success