Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
16 September, 2022

Head's Lines: London Bridge has fallen down

Head's Lines: London Bridge has fallen down Last Friday 9th September was a very sad day for the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II has been a cornerstone of the British way of life for the last 70 years, and everyone is saddened by her death and yet inspired by the way she fulfilled all her duties as Queen with such grace and dignity.

Our condolences and thoughts go to all members of the Royal Family. As a British School with the greatest proportion of our teachers being British and the strong curriculum links we have to Britain, it is fitting that we lead this week's newsletter with condolences and take some time over the coming days to mark this moment.

Extra-Curricular Activities programme

On Monday, the 10 week Extra-Curricular Activity (ECA) programme started with a full slate of offerings ranging from sports and the performing arts to academics and robotics. A huge level of excitement was evident at both campuses as students finished their school day and went off to enjoy their selected after-school activities. 

It is really great that this programme is now up and running, and I look forward to seeing lots of the activities taking place across our two sites as I move around the school between 2.45 and 5.00 pm.

PTG support

Thank you to everyone who came to the PTG meeting last Tuesday held at the High School. Lots of great discussions took place, with the goal of ensuring that the International Day celebrations at each campus will really be an educational and enjoyable experience for the whole school community.

The PTG were also very busy last Thursday morning taking a look and sorting out the second-hand uniforms and lost property in the Primary School. We shall work with the PTG to try to find a system which allows both children and parents to reclaim their lost belongings. In the future, parents will also have the opportunity to be able to buy good quality second-hand uniforms from the large amount of which we have in stock.

As shown in the photograph below, the PTG pulled together all the drinking bottles that have been left in the Primary School that no one has yet claimed. As the photograph shows, these left items are in the Primary School canteen. Children who know they have lost a drinking bottle will be encouraged to search through these items to find their own property. If you happen to be in school, please feel free to check if any of these lost items belong to your child.

Parking in Soi 20

The school has been working closely over the last few years with the local BMA District office to ensure that the management of our school, especially when we open and close, does not unduly affect the local residents that live around our school. Therefore we ask our school community not to park in Soi 20 or any of the Sub-Sois off this road to stop these roads and resident gateways from becoming blocked - a major inconvenience for our neighbours. The school entrance off Soi 20 is only for students and parents using the school shuttle bus or living within this community. 

It would be a massive problem if the local BMA ordered us to close this gate permanently and not use it at all. Therefore we ask that parents not park in Soi 20 or the roads off this Soi when taking or collecting their children from school. The police have been alerted to this issue and will regularly review the cars parked on these roads and begin locking wheels, with fines for any unauthorised cars found to be parked there.

Well-being Day this Friday

This Friday is a Wellbeing Day, so there will be a long weekend for students and teachers. Term 1 is very long, so we added this to our School Calendar to give all members of the STA Community time to pause after a very busy first five weeks of the new School year.

For parents with enquiries, please contact You can also call the Primary School directly at +66 2 381-2387-8 or the High School at +66 2 056-9555.