Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
15 May, 2024

Stay active this summer with our popular Activity Camps


Keep your child engaged and energized during school breaks with our St Andrews Bangkok Activity Camps! Our activity camps offer a dynamic blend of fun and fitness that parents love and kids can't get enough of. Not only will your child stay active and healthy, but they'll also develop essential life skills and build friendships. It's the perfect way to make the most of their time off while nurturing their physical, social, and emotional growth.


Summer 2024 Activity Camps

Week Dates Days
Week 1 24-28 June
Week 2 1-5 July
Week 3 8-12 July
Week 4 15-19 July
Week 5 23-26 July
Week 6 30 July - 2 August

  Activities offered this summer include:

• Tennis

• Multisport

• Basketball

• Chess

• Volleyball

• Art

• Painting

• Robotics

and many more activities.


VEX Robotics Camp



Signing Up

STA Students

To check out the full list of activities, schedules and to sign up, please visit ‘Summer Activity Camps’ on Moodle or click here:  STA Students - Full Schedule & Sign Up Here


Friends of the St Andrews Community (non-STA students)

Sign-up is also open to friends of the St Andrews community, sign up at

Please note that the year group requirements for the activities refer to the student’s current year group and not for the year group in August 2024 (the new academic year).


Stay updated

Our school organizes engaging and educational camps during holidays and breaks to provide students with enriching experiences outside the traditional classroom setting. These camps cater to a variety of interests, including sports, arts, science, chess and more - ensuring there's something for everyone.

Experienced staff and external experts lead the programmes, creating a safe and stimulating environment. By participating in our Activity Camps, students can develop new skills, foster friendships, and keep active!

Stay updated on all our Activity Camps throughout the year by following our 'STA Activity Camps' Facebook page: 


Camp Location

High School 

Stay active this summer with our popular Activity Camps - Summer Activity Camps


Dropping/Receiving Procedures

• STA Children
- ID Badge
- Sign up on Moodle

• Non-STA Children
- Sign-up on the Activities Site

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

• Multi-Sport Camp
What kind of Sports will they be doing?
For the Multi-Sport Camp the plan depends on the age of the children. For younger children it's more fun activities and games such as dodgeball, capture the flag, handball, football, mini-Olympics, popcorn Tag, with a small introduction to some individual and team sports such as football, basketball, mini tennis and badminton for example.

As children get older, we introduce more individual sports and team sports based on their ability and interest such as Dodgeball, Table Tennis, Handball, Badminton, Basketball, Mini Tennis, Volleyball, Touch Rugby, T-Ball, Orienteering, whilst still keeping a lot of the fun activities used for the younger children as warm up games. Each day is split into 3 main sessions separated with a snack break and a Lunch Break. Each week is different and the more popular games and activities for each group will be repeated at the end of the week.

Is there transportation service for this?
Transport can be arranged for an additional cost of 300 baht a day, please contact Coach Stuart at [].

Will snacks and lunch be provided?
Lunch and snacks included.

• Red Ball Tennis Camp

Does my child need to bring their own racket or equipment or does the school provide this?
The school will provide all rackets and equipment however should you have your own feel free to bring your own racket.