Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
20 June, 2024

STA students shine at NISMUN II Conference in Bangkok


On Saturday 8th June 2024, 13 students from Year 7 through Year 12 proudly represented St Andrews International School Bangkok (STA) at the NISMUN II conference, held at Norwich International School. In true MUN (Model United Nations) fashion, this prestigious event provided an invaluable opportunity for our students to engage in meaningful discussions with peers from various schools in Bangkok and the surrounding region. 


Complex global issues met head-on

  • The topics addressed were of global significance, encompassing:
  • Disarmament in Outer Space
  • Ethical Implications of AI in Labour Markets: Balancing Automation and Job Displacement
  • Challenges and Implications of Ending Child and Forced Marriage
  • Safeguarding Free Speech Rights in the Context of Societal Impact and Legal Boundaries
  • The Israel–Gaza Conflict

The conference was a platform for students to deepen their understanding of these complex issues and to articulate their views on potential solutions. In a panel discussion of talented minds across the board, St Andrews Bangkok students gave noteworthy debates, showcasing their knowledge with well-developed ideas.;


Worthy debates among talented peers

We are particularly proud to announce that Angelina [Year 12] was awarded Best Position Paper, a wonderful recognition of her exceptional research and articulation skills.


In addition to the rigorous debates, our students also enjoyed lighter moments, including a memorable karaoke activity where Chatcha [Year 12] wowed the audience with her impressive vocal talent.


Resilient global citizens

The NISMUN II Conference was a remarkable experience for our STA delegates. It provided them with an opportunity to enhance their leadership and communication skills while gaining deeper insights into the challenges and opportunities that shape our world. We are incredibly proud of our students for their exceptional participation and for representing St Andrews Bangkok with such distinction.
Well done to our exceptional STA delegates!