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04 May, 2019

Pre-IB Programme

The Pre-IB Programme aims to provide a rigorous, year-long preparatory course designed to prepare students for the academic challenges of the two-year International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

The Pre-IB programme is specifically designed for students that have indicated a potential to be successful in the IB Diploma but may lack the skills that are necessary to access the IB programme and/or have not completed the first year of the IGCSE programme.

All teaching will focus on ensuring that students acquire the subject knowledge and skills required for success in the Diploma. The Pre-IB Programme is specifically adapted to the needs of the individual student.

Who will benefit from participating in the Pre-IB Year?

Students who should consider joining the Pre-IB Programme  include:

  • Those who joined The British School in Year 11, thereby losing out on the full GCSE programme
  • Those whose English is not fluent, particularly in the area of written English. The Pre-IB Programme has an emphasis on improving student’s skills in English.  
  • Students joining The British School directly from the Polish system, particularly if this is at the end of their Gymnasium year
  • Those whose academic abilities are such that they risk failing the Diploma if they complete only two years rather than three years of Pre-IB and IB programme