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At The British School Warsaw, we consider parents to be our partners. Mums and Dads are at the heart of our thriving community, making our school warm and welcoming.

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Keep up to date with the academic year at TBS Warsaw with these key dates for your calendar.




Term 1
Tuesday 29 Aug to Friday 15 Dec 2023
Christmas Holidays
Monday 18 Dec 2023 to Wednesday 03 Jan 2024
Term 2
Thursday 04 Jan to Friday 29 Mar 2024
Spring Break
Monday 01 Apr to Friday 12 Apr 2024
Term 3
Monday 15 Apr to Friday 28 Jun 2024
Summer Holiday
Monday 01 Jul to Wednesday 28 Aug 2024
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At TBS Warsaw academic learning is enhanced by physical and creative pursuits and over 150 extracurricular activities that will help your child discover and foster their natural talents as they develop important life skills. 

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Our sports programme gives students the opportunity to stay fit, have fun, and gain new experiences outside of the classroom environment.
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Physical Education is embedded into every student's schedule. Starting with fine and gross motor skills at the Early Years stage to learning the skills of as many sports as possible, Sports is a fun adventure that ignites passions. If students enjoy a particular sport, there is an extensive extracurricular offering which afford students the opportunity to play as part of a team like football, volleyball or basketball, t-ball or fencing.

Students have access to an outdoor Astro turf pitch, 3 gymnasiums, an outdoor urban gym, a 3 lane 60m sprint straight, multi-use field area and our school playgrounds. There’s no excuse not to join in, have fun and keep fit. 

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Music, Dance and Drama

Our Music programme encourages children to engage with music in the most powerful way. We aim to instil love for music that will last a lifetime. Cultivating children’s creativity through performances is key to their success and happiness.

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Music, Dance and Drama


Through our music curriculum designed by Juilliard, every student learns to listen in an engaging way, as well as compose and interpret music themselves. From a young age, your child will explore the fundamentals of melody, first by learning to play the keyboard, then by growing their skills and knowledge as they identify and understand the concept of harmony.

Dance & Drama

Our dance curriculum enhanced by Juilliard focuses on works examining dance from various cultures, history, expressions of human emotion, and literature.

The drama curriculum enhanced by Juilliard will give your child opportunities to lead, listen to other viewpoints from different communities and cultures, communicate ideas and feelings through an artistic medium and experience joy through performance.

Creativity and STEAM
We want your child to imagine a world of infinite possibilities. Through our integrated approach to teaching science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM), we ensure that your child will have the skills to create their future.
Creativity and STEAM

STEAM is a stimulating and dynamic educational approach that allows students to explore their interests across the fields of: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. The cross-curricular nature of STEAM encourages our students to think creatively and become innovators in the classroom.

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Outdoor Learning

Learning from the natural world around them, our TBS Community Garden gives our students a wonderful outdoor learning space.  Enhancing their wellbeing offering a creative ways to learn, the garden is very popular with our students of all ages and teachers alike. 

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Outdoor Learning

TBS Community Garden is a tranquil area for teachers and students to visit, bringing the classroom outdoors.  Growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs gives our students an understanding of where food comes from and help promote a culture of healthy eating. Our four happy and healthy free-range hens share the garden and taking care of them teaches our students how to care for animals.

Our youngest students at our Early Years campus enjoy imaginative, spacious and green outdoor learning spaces.  These creative areas provide a perfect environment for experiential, play-based learning.  Our mud kitchen is always popular and one of the favourite features for our youngest students.


At The British School Warsaw we want your child to learn happily, and their wellbeing is as important to us as it is to you. Take a look at our preparation information and let us know if you have any questions.  
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School uniform
A longstanding British tradition, school uniform is a fundamental way to show belonging to the community—and our students wear it with pride. Uniform must be worn during school hours, as well as when travelling to and from school and when engaged in school activities.
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Shop for uniforms

From the academic year 2022/2023 we introduce a new design for our school uniforms.

Please review our TBS Warsaw Uniform Guide to check the new look.

New uniforms will be available for purchase from August 2022 only, via an online shop you can access here.

Please remember that until the end of Term 1 both old and new uniforms are accepted. 


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School Meals
Our school menu is delicious, nutritious and caters to every student’s taste and dietary needs. We teach students the importance of food hygiene, healthy eating and exercise as part of a balanced lifestyle.
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School Meals

Art' Impression Catering provides catering services for The British School Warsaw students and staff.

Main Campus - a lunch menu for the week you might preview here.

Early Years Centre - a lunch menu for the week you might preview here.

If you're a new family joining our school and you would like to sing up your child(ren) for school meals, please contact Art' Impression team via email or phone:

TBSW Main Campus: mob. 603 817 107; e-mail:

TBSW Early Years: mob. 603 503 102.; e-mail:

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A school bus is provided by Little Monsters, who provide a door-to-door service for any student living in Warsaw and its suburbs.
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Transportation for students

Little Monsters provide premium quality transportation for over a decade and operate to the highest safety standards. 

Little Monsters' drivers are experienced, friendly and professionally trained to work with children. 

Minibuses transport children to and from school, door to door.

Please contact Little Monsters office to discuss available options and prices.

Mobile phone: +48 668 670 886


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Parent Teacher Association
Our Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) is highly active, organising many family and charity events for our school community, including coffee mornings, book swaps, International Fair, Burns’ night, parents’ quiz nights, and charity collections. The PTA collaborates closely with the school leadership to actively support children’s learning. TBS Warsaw simply wouldn’t be the same without our wonderful parents!
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Parent Teacher Association

Parent Teacher Association  (PTA) is an active body enabling parents & school cooperation.

If you would like to actively participate in our school social life, please do not hesitate and join our PTA Committee by contacting PTA Chair Mrs Jelena Krzanicki via email.

To stay up to date with PTA latest news, please join one of PTA FB groups:


TBS EYFS/Primary FB Group

TBS Secondary FB Group

TBS PTA Buy & Sell FB Group

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Parent Academy
We offer lectures and training sessions for parents, on topics like parent–child relationships, school teaching methodologies, assessment tools and child psychology. This enables you to be a fully integrated part of your child’s learning journey.
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Parent Academy Schedule

Our Parent Academy is designed by our teachers to give parents a glimpse into the classroom and curriculum. Our teachers provide helpful tips on how best to support your child's home learning and wellbeing. All presentations will be followed by Q&A session. 

Each session is usually around 45 minutes. You can access our Parent Academy online in any web browser via a link sent to you by the teacher a day or two before the session. All you need is a computer with a microphone and camera (if you want to turn it on!)


Early Years Parent Academy schedule

Primary Parent Academy schedule

Secondary Parent Academy schedule

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We use a variety of market-leading education apps to seamlessly connect students, teachers, and parents, so everyone can celebrate achievements right there in the moment!

We use Firefly, SeeSaw and Tapestry. Students can show their learning, teachers can gain insights to further tailor personalised education, and parents get a window into the classroom, creating a connection between home and school.


  • Where can I find the weekly menu for my child?
    The lunch menu can be found in our Parents Essentials section for both the Early Years and the main campus.
  • Is there a secondhand shop for uniforms?
    Yes, you can find our PTA secondhand uniform shop on our main campus. We sell school uniform that has been donated because students have outgrown it or because they have graduated. The shop is open on Mondays 7.55am–8.15am and the last Tuesday of the month 3.15pm–3.45pm.
  • How can I find out about school life and planned events?
    All events are listed on our school calendar, and we also announce them via our newsletter and social media channels. You can join our Facebook page for daily updates about school life.


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PTA Corner

Dear TBS Parents,

In June we have annual Sports Days for Primary and Secondary. The PTA will be serving fruit for the children and refreshments for the parents . We kindly ask for Volunteers to help the PTA.

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Depending on available spaces, your child can join The British School Warsaw anytime during the academic year. We look forward to welcoming you!

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