Outstanding experiences

A world of adventure awaits every student at The British School Warsaw.


We believe in inspiring our students to achieve academically. Supported by enriching excursions and extracurricular activities they’ll develop the skills they need to shape the world they’ll inherit.

No matter their passions, at TBS Warsaw every child enjoys experiences that develop their confidence, resilience, and creativity—teaching them lessons that will help them succeed in the future.



We inspire curious and engaged learners through truly transformational experiences. Including collaborations with world-leading organisations like The Juilliard School, UNICEF, and MIT.

The Juilliard School
Our collaboration with the world’s most renowned arts institution enriches our students’ love of dance, drama and music.
The MIT-Nord Anglia STEAM programme helps our students to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills by tackling interdisciplinary challenges facing the world today.
Students are challenged to make a difference locally and globally by tackling the Sustainable Development Goals.
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At TBS Warsaw academic learning is enhanced by physical and creative pursuits and over 150 extracurricular activities that will help your child discover and foster their natural talents as they develop important life skills. 

Our sports programme gives students the opportunity to stay fit, have fun, and gain new experiences outside of the classroom environment.
Physical Education is embedded into every student's schedule. Starting with fine and gross motor skills at the Early Years stage to learning the skills of as many sports as possible, Sports is a fun adventure that ignites passions. If students enjoy a particular sport, there is an extensive extracurricular offering which afford students the opportunity to play as part of a team like football, volleyball or basketball, t-ball or fencing.

Students have access to an outdoor Astro turf pitch, 3 gymnasiums, an outdoor urban gym, a 3 lane 60m sprint straight, multi-use field area and our school playgrounds. There’s no excuse not to join in, have fun and keep fit. 

Music, Dance and Drama

Our Music programme encourages children to engage with music in the most powerful way. We aim to instil love for music that will last a lifetime. Cultivating children’s creativity through performances is key to their success and happiness.

Music, Dance and Drama


Through our music curriculum designed by Juilliard, every student learns to listen in an engaging way, as well as compose and interpret music themselves. From a young age, your child will explore the fundamentals of melody, first by learning to play the keyboard, then by growing their skills and knowledge as they identify and understand the concept of harmony.

Dance & Drama

Our dance curriculum enhanced by Juilliard focuses on works examining dance from various cultures, history, expressions of human emotion, and literature.

The drama curriculum enhanced by Juilliard will give your child opportunities to lead, listen to other viewpoints from different communities and cultures, communicate ideas and feelings through an artistic medium and experience joy through performance.

Creativity and STEAM
We want your child to imagine a world of infinite possibilities. Through our integrated approach to teaching science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM), we ensure that your child will have the skills to create their future.
Creativity and STEAM

STEAM is a stimulating and dynamic educational approach that allows students to explore their interests across the fields of: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. The cross-curricular nature of STEAM encourages our students to think creatively and become innovators in the classroom.

Outdoor Learning

Learning from the natural world around them, our TBS Community Garden gives our students a wonderful outdoor learning space.  Enhancing their wellbeing and offering creative ways to learn, the garden is very popular with our students of all ages and teachers alike. 

Outdoor Learning

TBS Community Garden is a tranquil area for teachers and students to visit, bringing the classroom outdoors.  Growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs gives our students an understanding of where food comes from and helps promote a culture of healthy eating. Our four happy and healthy free-range hens share the garden and taking care of them teaches our students how to care for animals.

Our youngest students at our Early Years campus enjoy imaginative, spacious and green outdoor learning spaces.  These creative areas provide a perfect environment for experiential, play-based learning.  Our mud kitchen is always popular and one of the favourite features for our youngest students.

Outdoor Education



At TBS Warsaw, learning doesn’t stop at the classroom door!
Arusha, Tanzania

Broadening minds and experiencing new cultures.

Our Citizenship Expedition gives students an invaluable insight into the meaning of global responsibility.

Arusha, Tanzania
In Tanzania, students help build a village school while learning about sustainable development and the environment. They nurture their independence, develop their understanding of the world, and witness first-hand the importance of looking out for their own community.
UNICEF Summit, New York

Developing globally responsible citizens.

Student ambassadors jet over to the United States for an unforgettable experience with UNICEF.

UNICEF Summit, New York
Every year a select number of students head to New York to demonstrate how TBS Warsaw are making progress in addressing UNICEF’s Sustainable Development Goals as part of Nord Anglia’s annual Global Challenge. They join workshops, seminars, and debates, and can even take part in speaking opportunities at the UN’s High-Level Political Forum (HLPF). 
Les Martinets, Switzerland

Creating new explorers through adventure.

On our Personal Challenge Expedition, students hike through beautiful surroundings, testing their resilience and making new friends along the way.

Les Martinets, Switzerland
Amid breath-taking landscapes, students push through their boundaries and strengthen their self-discipline, while learning how to cook in the open air and persevering through thrilling navigation challenges set by highly trained guides.
The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Pushing beyond personal boundaries.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is an exciting and highly-esteemed award that challenges students to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
Students design their own programme of activities, set their own goals, and challenge themselves to achieve - and surpass - their aims. The Award always stands out on a university application!
Local and National Trips

Learning beyond the classroom.

There’s so much to see and do right on our doorstep at TBS Warsaw and exploring the the rich variety of museums and galleries in our city helps to bring our curriculum to life. 

Local and National Trips
On day trips and lengthier excursions, students visit local destinations of cultural and historical significance, including the Royal Palace and National Museum in Warsaw. They also join their friends on national trips to Kraków, Gdańsk, and the Tatra Mountains.
Green Camps

Getting back to nature.

Every year, students from Year 5 to 13 participate in our renowned Green Camps across Poland.  An opportunity to explore nature and build lasting friendships with classmates.

Green Camps
Every TBS Warsaw student looks forward to our Green Camps! These trips are packed with exhilarating outdoor activities, including water sports, cycling, high ropes courses, and orienteering. Students enjoy the escape from the trappings of modern technology, and form lasting bonds with their friends as they work together toward common goals.
wellbeing & resilience


At The British School of Warsaw, we believe that student health and happiness are key factors that drive academic success.  Our dedicated pastoral and safeguarding team ensure a safe and supportive environment across the school community for all of our students.

From Year 7, students benefit from Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PSHE) lessons, in which they explore a wealth of topics including: finance, mindfulness, healthy living, and global citizenship.

Through our exclusive online platform Global Campus, students can independently access a wide range of resources designed to help them monitor their own wellbeing, plus meet and collaborate with their Nord Anglia peers across the world.



At TBS Warsaw, we believe in the importance of nurturing a generation of wise and responsible global citizens, who are empowered to make a positive difference both in their local community and on a global scale.

Students take part in many community outreach initiatives, including the Share a Dream programme, which teaches social responsibility through fundraising and volunteering. When they study for the IBDP, students take Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS), in which they collaborate and engage with the local community, developing their skills for real-world issues.

TBS Warsaw works closely with local charity initiatives such as Warsaw Voluntary Mission, Bread for Life and Recipe for Independence, as well as NGOs focused on worthwhile causes. We want our students to witness first-hand the challenges faced by those less fortunate and understand how they can influence and drive meaningful change as individuals and as part of a team.

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Our campuses offer an enriching learning environment. Students have the perfect surroundings to grow, mature, and set their sights on realising their dreams and aspirations.