19 May, 2022

Some Very Hungry Caterpillars in Toucan Class

Pre-Nursery Toucan Class have enjoyed learning all about the insects and flowers that we have been finding in our garden. 

The children found a tiny, but very hungry caterpillar hidden among the flowers in the Dabrowskiego garden. This inspired our learning, and we began investigating more - Why are some caterpillars different colours? Where do they live? What do caterpillars like to eat? We read Eric Carle's, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and were surprised at just how much food one tiny caterpillar was able to munch on - what a lot of food! Toucans transformed themselves into tiny caterpillars and decided they would like to do their very own taste testing, trying out some of the fruits found in the story. We sampled an apple, pears, plums, strawberries, and oranges. At the end, the children were invited to share their favourite with the class by placing a sticker by their favourite fruit. It's official - Toucan's favourite fruits are strawberries with an impressive seven votes! The least favourite were plums with just one vote. It is wonderful to see the children's interest in nature is growing and it is a joy to hear our curious learners asking lots of questions about things that interest them.