18 May, 2022

Ekiden Relay Marathon 2022

Great fun was had by all at Ekiden Relay Marathon 2022 - held in Zoliborz Park last Saturday. 

Six members of staff took turns running a portion of the 41.2 km marathon distance - completing this in a respectable time of 3:30:59 and finished 36th out of 117 teams.  Each of the team got a fantastic medal that interconnected into one big medal.  Great work Team TBSW!

This is a great family supporting event so we will be looking to pull together more teams for next year - you have been warned.

For those Strava users amongst us, don't forget to join us at "TBS Warsaw - Community" for a healthy bit of competition and insider knowledge of upcoming races!

And finally, a Date for the Diary - TBS parkrun takeover at Pole Mokotowskie - 9am, 25th June.  You don't have to be a runner - bring the family!  You can find out more details here: https://www.parkrun.com/

Nicola Bell

iSams Manager and GCSE exams Co-ordinator