26 May, 2022

We’re going on a hen hunt!

In Reception, the children are going on an exciting journey around the world through an exploration of stories and dances from different cultures.

Our first adventures took us to Africa, as we learned a traditional style dance inspired by the story of Handa’s Hen, which is set in Kenya. The children performed their hen dance in a circle around the chicken coop, scattering the seed, pecking, flapping their wings and scratching the earth with their feet, while trying to maintain a steady beat and move with the music, before creeping away as the hen hunt began. We all searched high and low to find the missing hen, then used our imagination as well as our bodies to transform ourselves into some of the animals Handa encounters on her way, such as fluttery butterflies, stripy mice, jumpy crickets and even spoonbills. Our budding dancers had tremendous fun and they can barely wait to find out where the next adventure takes them!