02 June, 2022

Message from our Vice Principal

Why integrate technology into our classrooms?  

Firstly, we are now living in the XXI century and technology is around us, almost dominating everything we do these days. Today’s growth of technology is also progressing at the exponential rate when today’s technology might be easily replaced by a new technology within a couple of years or even months.  Secondly, our students are a part of this technological world and they often they know more than we do when it comes to the latest inventions or applications. The use of technology in the classroom improves students’ collaboration, engages students in their lessons and makes them future ready.

There are also times when the use of technology results from special circumstances such as the pandemic. In March 2020 I wrote that pandemics have made virtual learning a reality and as a result it required that our teachers employ various techniques and platforms to deliver lessons in ways they have not used before. The use of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Class Notebook, spreadsheets and so on has become a part of a daily routine for almost two years.

For many years, I personally have explored the use of technology in my teaching and learning.  For example, I used a tablet linked to the SMART board or to my laptop and created many videos while responding to students’ needs at the time. I have also encouraged students to create such videos themselves while making sure that they share their work with the rest of the class.  However, when I recently looked at the list of various technologies used in a classroom across the world, I realized that the spectrum of using technology in the process of teaching and learning is very wide and it’s growing each day. 

One of our three mission statements emphasizes the process of sparking curiosity. Research shows that use of technology can spark curiosity which in turn allows students to get a better conceptual understanding of the topics covered in class and to become better problem solvers.  The teachers at TBSW have recognized for a long time that the use of various technological platforms and applications, videos and podcasts creates an engaging environment that enhances students’ learning.


Vice Principal