27 October, 2023

PTA Corner

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Thank you again for all of the volunteers at the International Fair who made the fair such an incredibly successful event this year.

We would also like to thank the school Logistics department, cleaning staff and security staff who helped to facilitate our event. Thank you for all of the kind emails from staff thanking the volunteers for their time and delicious food. We are pleased to inform you that our initiative to make the fair more eco friendly was a huge success.  

Lost and Found Room

This week the PTA Committee volunteers spent over two hours organizing the School Lost and Found room at the Lim campus (you can see before and after pictures below) . Please remind students to be respectful when they are searching for their lost items in the Lost and Found room and leave it in the same state that they find it in. The room will be kept locked and if you wish to look for something please collect the key from the main reception. The room becomes filled very fast so please make sure that you come to look for your items. There will be a Lost and Found Layout on the 8th November from 07:45 (location to be advertised next week) all day. If items are not collected on this day they will be donated to school supported charities.

PTA Corner-PTA CornerPTA Corner-PTA Corner

Coffee Morning

We invite all parents to our next coffee morning held on Wednesday 8th November at the Lim campus and Thursday 9th November at the Dab campus. There will also be a Book Swap at this event and we will accept English book donations for adults and children.

Quiz Night

Friday 17th November. Doors open at 19:0 and the quiz will start at 19:30. In the main canteen.


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