27 June, 2024

PTA Corner - Summary of the Year

PTA Corner - Summary of the Year - PTA Corner - Summary of the Year

Your PTA Committee had quite a busy start to this school year and we kept on going until the very last day. Below is a rundown of the things we achieved this time:


·      Welcomed new and returning families to the TBS Community with an updated PTA New Families' Guide

·      Welcomed new families to the TBS Community at every Open Day on both campuses

·      Staffed the second-hand uniform shop at LIM every Monday and supplied regular stock at DAB

·      Hosted well-attended coffee mornings and book swaps on both campuses every month

·      Organised several successful community-building guided walking tours of Warsaw

·      Sourced and distributed Teachers’ Day cakes and fruit baskets for all teaching staff on both campuses

·      Sorted, washed, returned, and donated over 150kg of lost property on the LIM campus

·      Organised and hosted the most well-attended 2 Quiz Nights with around 170 attendees in total

·      Organised two incredible International Week food fairs with over 150 parent volunteers on both campuses

·      Supported the Explore your Future event - PTA volunteers helped with logistics and refreshments

·      Co-ordinated on both campuses many charity collections of pre-loved items, food and clothes donations, we started to deliver the items to Charity in August 2023 and finished in the last days of June 2024

·      Supported and hosted a successful tuck shop at the Nord Anglia U19 Volleyball tournament, International Football tournament, Winter Sports Festival, U7 and U8 Football matches and the Secondary Sports Day at AWF Stadium

·      Provided hundreds of kilos of fresh fruit to all the young sportspeople at each Sports event throughout the year

·      Supported the Christmas Giving Tree 2023 campaign

·      Recruited and supported DAB Class friends in their efforts for Santa’s workshop

·      Purchased and distributed St Nicholas’ Day chocolates and gifts for all students on both campuses

·      Hosted a successful Holiday Chocolate tombola stand at the school Christmas fair

·      Purchased and distributed Thank You gifts for all Teachers and Teaching Assistants on both campuses, as well as administration and support staff for Christmas and the End of the School Year

·     Purchased and distributed Polish style doughnuts for Fat Thursday and  Chocolate bunnies to all the students on both campuses right before Easter

·     Purchased and distributed ice cream : Children at Dab enjoyed their ice cream from the PTA on Sports Day, Students at Lim for All Children’s Day

·     Supported the Running Corner of TBS, making sure that Parents were represented on each event alongside the Teachers

As this School year comes to an end, we would like to thank the Senior Leadership Team and the school staff for supporting our community-building efforts and once again eagerly welcoming us back on campus. Special thanks as always goes to all of the PTA volunteers who have helped make all of the above possible.


Warm regards,

Your PTA Committee