Leo M K story - Leo M K story
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01 Tháng Giêng, 2022

Leo M K Story

Leo M K story - Leo M K story
Year 3 student from BVIS HCMC, Leo M. K enjoyed many memorable experiences at the recent I Can Children Global Summit in Rome, Italy.
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Year 3 student from BVIS HCMC, Leo M. K enjoyed many memorable experiences at the recent I Can Children Global Summit in Rome, Italy. 

From the 27th to 30th November 2019, 4000 children from 100 countries participated in the summit, along with well known public figures including Pope Francis, Kiran Sethi – an Educator & Founder of Design For Change (DFC), and the Director of the Leonardo Di Caprio Fund. 

During the event, Leo M. K and his peers presented sustainable solutions aimed at helping solve significant global problems. The project, 'Giving Book – Giving Happiness' encouraged books donations (old or new) for less fortunate children. Leo’s team categorised each book and arranged distribution to children in schools or areas that did not have access to a library. 

His English competencies and confidence allowed Leo to actively participate in all activities and interactive games at this multicultural event. He was impressed with the message from Pope Frances at Aulo Paulo VI Vatican Hall, when the Pope thanked the children for their trust and courage in helping realise their project for environmental and social improvement. Leo also took the opportunity to express his respect towards Kiran Sethi.  

“Leo showed his strong communication, confidence and activeness when exchanging information with friends around the world. These qualities epitomise true global citizenship, and have been developed between home and Leo’s BVIS family,” said Mr Huy, Leo’s father. 

Leo was able to make more new friends from different nationalities at this multicultural summit. He also created memorable moments and excitement  when he shared his knowledge and understanding of Vietnamese culture with others while wearing his beautiful Ao Dai and exchanging souvenirs.

The unique education at BVIS aims to develop a global perspective in all children’s learning and a great sense of pride in their Vietnamese heritage. Apart from nurturing profound academic knowledge, we encourage our students to identify and develop their own personal strengths by actively taking part in events and activities both inside and outside of the classroom.

Congratulations to Leo M. K on your great efforts. We look forward to seeing further success from your meaningful project 'Giving Book – Giving Happiness'. We are all very proud of you! 

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