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Frequently Asked Questions: Boarding

What ages do children board and is there a better age to start?

We take boys and girls from 8 to 18.  Whether to board and the right age to start boarding is really different from every child and we would be happy to talk and assess your child.  Generally speaking children adapt quickly to boarding life and spending more time with their friends, often the younger children the fastest.  Boarding can often be hardest for the parents rather than the children but many parents tell us that boarding is ideal for ensuring quality time at school and at home.

Do all the boarders live together?

Boys and girls live in separate boarding houses and villas.  Day to day learning takes place all together according to their curriculum and activities.

Does the school empty out at weekends?

Many of our students are day students but we have more than 200 boarding students almost all of whom will stay in at weekends and enjoy the wider range of activities on offer.  Students will always be surrounded by friends and staff to support them.  We do also offer parents the chance to board their children on a weekly basis if that suits them, again allowing students quality learning and socializing time in the week followed by quality family time for all at the weekend.

When can I see my child or take them out?

We encourage parents to come and see their children and you are always welcome on campus.  We do of course ask for notice so that we can make sure we maintain our security.  Children are free to go out provided they do not have responsibilities or commitments (for example team sports or classes).

Will someone be there for my child if they have a problem?

Absolutely.  This is one of the most important responsibilities we take as a boarding institution.  To ensure that care is always there we have multiple ways of checking up on and being accessible to each student: (a) through their boarding parents resident in house, (b) through their academic tutor, (c) through the support of the other students.

Access to ICT… How is it monitored?
Each of the Houses has a wireless network. Boarders can connect to the school network system in order to access the internet from their room. Naturally the school blocks unsuitable websites, and restricts access to gaming and social websites during the school day and the allocated homework time in the evening. The network closes at 24.00 and reopens at 05:30. The times are extended slightly at the weekend.

Are meals compulsory?
All meals are compulsory, except for Saturday breakfast. All boarders take breakfast and supper in the dining room together, while lunch during the week is taken at School.

Can boarders become day students?
Boarders cannot become day students during the academic year. Any student wishing to become a day student needs to satisfy the conditions to be a day student including having parents living at home, with an existing Swiss permit.

Can students choose their rooms or their Houses?
We allocate students to Houses and to rooms based on our experience and on the best educational interests of students. Boarders are expected to stay in these Houses and rooms for the year. Although we take views into consideration wherever possible, parents or students cannot choose their Houses.

Can they ride bicycles?
Yes, provided they have the relevant permissions. Bikes can be rented from the Boarding Office for 100 CHF a year.

Do I have to bring my own duvet, pillow and bedding?
All duvets, pillows and bedding are provided and washed by the school.

Do I have to stay in at the weekend?
We offer a full boarding programme with many exciting activities and trips at the weekend. We expect students to take part in this programme as it helps with integration and provides the experiences that help educate students in the wider context. Every so often (perhaps once a month) a student might want to check out- to see family or friends- other than that we expect our students to be with us. We insist that students stay in the very first weekend of the academic year.

Do I need a laptop?
Each Boarding House has access to the school's network giving access to the Internet, emails, and secure storage areas for homework, coursework, research and communication. The School’s iPad programme provides iPads to many year groups.

Do students need a visa?
Passport holders of certain countries do not need a visa. Click here for more information. Where they are required, visas need to be applied for by the families in their home countries. Once this initial step is taken, the School can monitor the application process. All boarders require a permit to reside in Switzerland- this will be taken care of by the school.

Do students need pocket money?
All students can collect pocket money from the Pocket Money office on Tuesdays. Parents should ensure that student pocket money accounts are maintained.

How do I arrange a visit to the School and a Boarding House?
Click here to access the Admissions.

How do I find out more about individual Houses?
Click here to visit the Boarding section to view House profiles, and here to see the House Blogs. Please bear in mind that we select which House a student will go to, based on our experience for the wellbeing of the student.

How do parents keep in touch with the progress of their child?
The House tutor is the main point of contact, and they will write within the first few days of the start of the year to introduce themselves. However all parents have live access to Skyward, our educational communication tool for progress and incidents.

How do students do their laundry?
All Houses have laundry facilities which the students can use, but there is also a professional laundry service at extra cost.

How do students keep their belongings safe?
Students are expected to hand in their passports and permits to the Travel Office for safe keeping. Each student also has a safe which is programmable for secure storage. We recommend valuable items are not brought to school, but when they are these items must be named and securely stored in safes.

How is work supervised?
Each student has allocated evening study hall, where students work at their study desks, or in a communal area. Tutors on duty in the evening are on hand to help out with any difficulties.

How many boarders to a room?
Generally students share rooms of 2, although certain rooms have 3 and very few rooms have 4 beds.

Is the school open over the holidays?
The school is closed during the holidays in October, Christmas, February, Easter and summer. However trips are offered during all holidays except at Christmas and in the summer.

Is there a School uniform?
There is no School uniform, but there is a dress code which all students must respect.

Is there a Sports’ uniform?
Yes, and it can be bought in the shop on campus. However new boarders will automatically be provided with one set of sports’ clothes, which is initially provided at no extra cost.

Is there an airport transfer service?
Transport from and to Geneva airport is provided the day before lessons start and finish for major holidays (Fall, Christmas, February, Easter and Summer), until the day lessons start. Outside of these times boarders must arrange their own transport.

Should I have a mobile phone?
We insist that all pupils have a working mobile phone, and that the number is given to House staff. Mobile phones provide an extra level of security for all our students and they find them invaluable for contacting family. Mobile phones are not allowed to be used in lessons, in meals, in study hall, or after lights out.

What are Collège du Léman boarders like?
Our aim is to produce sociable, mature, courteous and active students who enjoy being part of the community. While there is no particular type of student that we are looking for, in fact variety of personality is one of the great strengths of the boarding experience, boarders tend to be students who contribute a great deal to school life, and achieve a great deal.

What happens at weekends?
Students are able to return to the House to relax. Many students choose to visit other Houses. There is the Breakfast Club for those who need to concentrate on their studies, for 2 hours on Saturday. Students can go out during certain times to Geneva. On Sundays there is a programme of trips, designed to appeal to a wide variety of boarders. Examples include visits to the Patek Philippe museum, bowling, visiting the thermal baths, go karting, para gliding, scuba diving, golf, horse riding… the list is endless. At Collège du Léman we insist that students stay in the very first weekend of the academic year.

What if students need to buy something? 
There are shops and cafes on campus, and every week students have ‘free time’ where they are allowed to visit the local shops in Versoix. In addition there is a weekly Geneva trip for students.

What is a check out?
Perhaps once a month a student might want a check-out. This allows the student to leave campus from Friday at 15:50 to Sunday at 18:30, subject to the following conditions:

  • The official weekend checkout is submitted by 16.00 on the Wednesday before the weekend. Click here for the official checkout request form.
  • The host responsible is at least 25 years old.

When do boarders have to leave the Houses for the holidays?
Boarders should attend all lessons- Houses are open one day after the holidays start. The Houses are open in general 2 days before lessons start, and transport from Geneva airport is provided the day before lessons start until the day lessons start. Outside of these times boarders must arrange their own transport.

When do boarders have to return to Houses after the holidays?
Boarders must be back in their Houses by 21:00 on the day before the start of lessons. The Houses are open in general 2 days before lessons start, and transport from Geneva airport is provided the day before lessons start until the day lessons start. Outside of these times boarders must arrange their own transport.

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