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For our boarders, Collège du Léman (CDL) is much more than a school. We’re a second family, a thriving community, and a place where 24/7 care, guidance, and friendship inspire our students to grow into confident, forward-thinking young adults.
At our thriving boarding school in Switzerland, your child will:
  • Receive round-the-clock support from our experienced house parents.
  • Live in modern residential villas with access to contemporary facilities and spaces.
  • Make friends for life from around the world.
  • Enjoy an outdoor lifestyle all year round and go on residential trips across Europe.
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Switzerland Boarding School | Collège du Léman  - Feature Quote - CDL
Everyone is so warm-hearted here, and this creates a safe and comfortable environment for me to learn and discover.
CDL boarding school student

real experiences, made for you

Boarding at Collège du Léman is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that shapes our students’ futures. In our diverse boarding community in the heart of Switzerland, every student feels inspired to learn.

As well as providing a strong academic education, our caring team equip our students with the 21st century skills they need to thrive. This includes helping them to develop the thoughtful, caring side of their characters, as well as their intellect, resilience, and ambition.

Really importantly, we encourage our boarders to discover their place in the world. Real-life activities and daily routines encourage them to take responsibility and be respectful towards others.

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24/7 care in a family environment

The care, health, and happiness of your child is our priority. Over the course of more than 60 years, we’ve developed a comprehensive programme that looks after every aspect of our boarders’ wellbeing. This includes 24/7 medical care, a dedicated counsellor, healthy meals, and lots of activities. We provide a wellbeing report each term, too, so you can keep track of your child’s personal and social development.


Every day at Collège du Léman brings new learning experiences and discoveries. But what always remains the same is the care, support, and guidance our students enjoy, which provide the foundations they need to flourish and grow.
A healthy start
Our boarding students kick-start their day with a tasty breakfast in the Léman cafeteria. With a selection of nutritious local, international, hot, and cold options to choose from, everyone gets the fuel they need to learn. On Sundays, we get together for a delicious brunch.
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Personalised programmes
After breakfast, our boarders join up with the rest of our students for a packed day of lessons, activities, and clubs. Everyone’s day is different, and your child will follow a personalised journey to success, learning in French, English or a combination of the two, and choosing the Diploma programme that works best for them.
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Active afternoons
After a busy day of learning, your child will head back to their boarding house, where they’ll receive a warm welcome from our House Parents. Our students then take part in activities ranging from football, tennis, and golf to learning an instrument, cooking, and robotics.
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Enjoying a meal with friends
Dinner is the perfect time to enjoy the company of friends, take a break from the internet, and eat some outstanding, locally sourced food. Weekly international dinners – prepared by top chefs from nearby restaurants – introduce our students to authentic culinary experiences. 
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Your time, your choice
After a delicious dinner, there’s time for more activities. Socialising with friends, hitting the gym, mindfulness, or concentrating on their studies – it’s completely up to your child.
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Relax and recharge
Quiet time gives our boarders the space to relax, recharge, and wind down before bed. Our focus on wellbeing ensures every student is supported, listened to, and understood. We also emphasise the importance of a proper night’s rest!


Our family of boarders is a closeknit community, where every student feels safe, included, and inspired to learn.
Switzerland Boarding School | Collège du Léman  - Boarding students - Feature Cards - CDL 1
Aijuka K.

"I love my Boarding House because we’re like one big family. Everyone loves and cares for each other and we genuinely respect each other’s cultures. This year it’s been really challenging entering a boarding school and a new environment for the first time in my life really, but my roommate, my friends and my House Parents made me feel like I am with my other family even knowing it. I look forward to the next couple of years."

Switzerland Boarding School | Collège du Léman  - Boarding students - Feature Cards - CDL 1
Diego J.

"I love my boarding house because it provides me with the opportunity to share a household and living space with people from diverse parts of the world. Being a part of this boarding house has truly broadened my horizons, allowing me to meet individuals from various backgrounds and cultivate empathy towards others."

Switzerland Boarding School | Collège du Léman  - Boarding students - Feature Cards - CDL 1
Manuela K.
Portugal, Angola

"New Portena is a place filled with happiness.  No one needs to hide, as we are comfortable and can be ourselves. I know that if I start dancing there will always be another girl that will join me. New Portena is friendly, it is a place in where we understand each other, the students are empathetic and help whenever they see someone down, especially the House Parents, they are always the first to notice when something is wrong, and they do their absolute best to help resolve the issue. This is why I love New Portena. "

Switzerland Boarding School | Collège du Léman  - Boarding students - Feature Cards - CDL 1
Martin Z.

"I love my Boarding House because of the amazing environment and atmosphere there is inside of Leman, with, smiles and positive energy start nourishing my day from breakfast on. After a long day of studying, we come back to the house where I meet up with my friends and we are able to chat, play games and study together, which makes all of those activities more enjoyable. I know it might be difficult being away from family and home, but all the House Parents make me feel like I'm just at home providing me with care and discipline to stay focused and on track to achieve my goals."

Switzerland Boarding School | Collège du Léman  - Boarding students - Feature Cards - CDL 1
Martina d’A.

"In our house, I can be sure to find my own personal space, yet there is also always space for laughter and games. We all respect each other's daily customs and decisions, embracing that we are all different from each other and that we all come from different cultural backgrounds. It is a place where we can all unwind, be ourselves, but are always sure to have some guidance and company with us along the way. "

a safe haven in the heart of switzerland

Nestled between the Jura Mountains and Lake Geneva, our boarding school in Switzerland is within easy reach of the city, the Swiss countryside, and rest of the world. Geneva is only a short train ride away, while ski and summer resorts are easily accessible, too. We’re also only 20 minutes’ drive from the international airport, which makes it simple to travel to and from our school at the beginning and end of each term.
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meet our boarding team

Our house parents are mentors, counsellors, and friends. Whether it’s taking the time to listen or providing practical help, they’ll make sure your child receives the support they need to feel at home.
Switzerland Boarding School | Collège du Léman  - Boarding team - Feature Cards - CDL
Director of Boarding
Justin joined Collège du Léman in August 2012, having previously been Head of Boarding at Cranbrook School in England. A qualified maths teacher, Justin has also held Housemaster and Head of Sixth Form positions. Justin is passionate about creating a supportive and inspiring boarding environment, where every student grows in confidence and independence, can be themselves, and develops a core set of values.
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Senior House Parent
Originally from Portugal, Antonio is a qualified languages teacher. As Senior House Parent, Antonio oversees the day-to-day care of our boarders, as well as supporting their personal and academic development. Antonio is part of a team of House Parents who provide round-the-clock support to our students. 
Switzerland Boarding School | Collège du Léman  - Boarding team - Feature Cards - CDL
House Parent
One of our team of exceptionally qualified House Parents, Cristina supports our boarders’ academic performance and wellbeing. She ensures students maximise the 24/7 education they receive, leading to outstanding academic, social, and personal outcomes, while supporting them on any of their needs. Originally from Spain, Cristina has two Master’s degrees, and is a qualified interpreter and translator. 
Switzerland Boarding School | Collège du Léman  - Boarding team - Feature Cards - CDL
House Parent
Robert has been a House Parent at CDL for 7 years and is a true champion of our wellness programme. As an avid runner, cyclist, and swimmer, Rob uses his personal experience to encourage students to discover stress relief through positive activities like sports, music, and art. Like all House Parents, Rob offers unwavering support to our students, both in their personal and academic journeys.


Boarding at Collège du Léman offers endless opportunities for fun, discovery, and adventure. With more than 100 weekend and after-school activities to enjoy – from sailing and acrobatic gymnastics to arts and photography courses – there really is something for everyone. Our boarders explore Europe and beyond, too, on unforgettable trips to Lisbon, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, and more.
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Our fees reflect the truly tailor-made boarding experience our students receive at Collège du Léman. In our structured, warm, and inclusive environment, your child will have everything they need to become the very best version of themselves, both personally and academically. Our fees are all-inclusive, too, covering everything from food and tuition to weekend trips to the mountains.
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  • Where will my child be living?

    Your child will live in one of our contemporary residential villas.

    Our address is: Collège du Léman, Route de Sauverny 74, CH-1290 Versoix, Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Will my child have a roommate?
    Yes, all our students have roommates, who are selected based on gender, age, and interests.
  • What do your boarding fees include?
    Boarding fees include accommodation, meals, day and field trips, three weekends in the mountains, books and school supplies, your child’s uniform and sports kit, insurance, and tuition.
  • What will my child eat?
    Our boarders enjoy healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners every day. In-house chefs prepare a range of hot and cold options, including vegetarian and vegan meals, using seasonal produce. They can also cater to all dietary requirements.
  • Will my child get homesick?
    We know that every child is likely to miss their family at some point. It’s normal to feel homesick, but experience tells us this feeling usually subsides as our students throw themselves into school life. Our house parents will make sure your child is supported every step of the way.
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We’re delighted you’re considering boarding at Collège du Léman. Our admissions process is tailored to your family’s needs and schedule – and our dedicated team will help you every step of the way.
  • Get in touch with us today – fill in our short online enquiry form.
  • Come and see us in Geneva – or book a virtual discovery meeting.
  • Send us your application form.
  • We’ll ask your child to complete a video questionnaire.
  • After reviewing your information – and all being well – we’ll offer your child a place.
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Get a sense of what it’s like to live at Collège du Léman – and how your child will fit in to our warm, diverse boarding family – by booking a tour of our campus today.