2 to 6 years old


Our specialist Pre-school in Geneva, Switzerland, is a dynamic and fun learning environment, where every child benefits from personalised teaching and support. Going at their own pace – and celebrating every achievement – our students make new discoveries, grow in confidence, and develop social, emotional, and intellectual skills.


Unique in Geneva, we offer three Pre-school programmes: Anglophone, Francophone, or Bilingual, based on the best teaching practices, including those from the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC). From this early age, our students can learn in French, English, or a combination of both. 
Pre-school at Collège du Léman is split into the following age groups:
  • PS0 (age 2-3), which is a fully Bilingual pre-school programme
  • PS1 (age 3-4) and PS2 (age 4-5), which offer a choice of English, French or Bilingual programmes
  • PS3 (ages 5-6), which offers a choice of English, French or Bilingual programmes


The IEYC is a play-based, structured curriculum, which helps our children develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually. Adapted to our unique Pre-school context in Geneva, Switzerland, your child will explore the world around them, get active, and learn through engaging themes and topics.
Our goals are:
  • To foster exploration, curiosity, and autonomy
  • To nurture social interaction, confidence, and self-esteem
  • To focus on the joy of trying, not just the outcome
  • To stimulate the active expression of imagination
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Every day is packed with experiences that unlock the joy of learning. Both in and beyond the classroom, your child will make thrilling discoveries, pursue passions, and change the world for the better.
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Good morning!
Our littlest learners fill the corridors with happy chatter, ‘Hellos!’ and ‘Bonjours!’, as our Pre-school teachers welcome your child to class. After waving our parents goodbye, it’s time for the day’s adventures to begin.
Pre-school in Geneva (2-6 years old) | Collège du Léman, Switzerland  - Visual Time Line Image And Text - CDL-dot arch Pre-school in Geneva (2-6 years old) | Collège du Léman, Switzerland  - Visual Time Line Image And Text - CDL-dot arch
Good morning!
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Circle time
We love to start the day with a song or dance. Circle time is a great way to share stories and forge friendships, as well as helping your child to develop their speaking and listening skills.
circle time
Bon appétit!
At lunchtime, our children enjoy healthy, tasty food made from seasonal ingredients. Eating a balanced diet gives our children the energy they need to play and learn. After lunch, there’s always time for a nap.
Bon appétit!
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Young explorers
Your child will explore our colourful playgrounds, running, climbing, jumping, and developing their gross motor skills. And on a stroll around our beautiful campus, they’ll collect chestnuts, look for bugs, and learn everything there is to know about flora and fauna. 
young explorers
The fun never stops
The learning doesn’t stop when school ends! From baby-basket, mini-tennis, judo, and swimming to cooking, ballet, and magic, our youngest children take part in all sorts of activities. Our childcare team provides play and fun until 6:45 pm.
the fun never stops
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We know that children learn best when they’re happy, secure, and cared for, which is why wellbeing is an integral part of each child’s Pre-school experience.

Our specialist teachers and support staff forge strong relationships with each child. They help them to navigate their emotions, encourage positive interactions, and provide lots of opportunities to socialise. They also build trust and mutual respect, take time to get to know unique personalities, and identify any challenges.

We also encourage our students to get moving and spend time outside. Whatever the season, there’s always something going on – whether it’s playing in our Concha garden in summer or sledging in winter.

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Every student’s academic learning is underpinned by our RISE values of Respect, Internationalism, Spirit, and Excellence. These bring our community together, develop global citizenship, and provide firm personal, social, and emotional foundations.

During Respect Week, for example, our Pre-school children learn the importance of saying ‘thank you’ and listening to one another. For our Internationalism Week, students are encouraged to come dressed in traditional clothes that represent their home country.

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We think beyond traditional education so that every student can shape their own personal and academic journey. Our ‘Made for You’ approach guarantees choice, nurtures strengths, and fosters a lifelong love of learning.