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    Notre communauté internationale comprend du personnel et des élèves de plus de 100 nationalités


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    Rejoignez une école axée sur l’international et à l’approche inspirante

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    Nos professeurs, nos collaborateurs et notre équipe de Direction sont tous talentueux et expérimentés.

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  • Une école de choix pour les élèves ouverts sur le monde

    Nous préparons votre enfant à un brillant avenir, avec un large éventail de diplômes, du Baccalauréat international à la Maturité suisse

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  • Un endroit où l’on se sent chez soi

    Que votre enfant nous rejoigne dès la garderie ou au milieu de son parcours scolaire, nous lui offrons un environnement enrichissant qui fera toute la différence pour son avenir

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  • Élargir ses horizons

    De la ville au lac et aux montagnes, chaque enfant trouvera son activité favorite dans notre large gamme d’activités

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  • Un endroit où grandir en toute sécurité

    Dans notre campus sécurisé et accueillant, votre enfant se sentira comme chez lui et apprendra à avoir confiance en lui et à devenir indépendant


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Testimonials from the boaders' parents

I would like to deeply thank you for your precious and continuous support. 
Irina is lucky to have you as houseparent in Old Portena.
With my kindest regards.

Thank you for the updates and kind words, but mostly, thank you for the hard work you put into the girls well being!
Best regards from both of us,
María and Fernando 

Such a great way to start our day :) so glad Sofia is working hard and doing well. 
Thanks for your support, Receive a big appreciation from both of us,
Maria and Fernando

Thank you for everything you have done for the girls! You are precious!

What a nice photo with beautiful lineup of young ladies!!!! This is such a warm Christmas message for me.
Thank you very much for your kindest attention as always.
Ryo P.

I am also very pleased and happy that my daughter Hailun in CDL can enjoy learning and living every moment. More thank you for her care and care. I wish you a happy life! Yangjingyao

Thank you for the wonderful content of the child 's daily life to share to me. We are very happy that she can grow up in CDL healthily.

I'm so impressed by Maria. Pictures are amazing!! Thank you. 

Erika looks so happy now with her new Chinese roommate. Thank you for Erika's report. I'm always appreciate you taking care of her.
Thank you so much!
Shinya A.

Thank you so much for your kind and detail letter! And for nice photos as well!
Kind regards,

Thank you for your kind words about Donata. She is really happy to be there. Have a nice weekend.
Best regards,
Elena K.

Thank You very much for Your care and attention!! It was great pleasure meet You and cooperate with You.  All our Family admires your attitude to the students and parents! 
Kindest regards.
Andrey K.

Thank you so much for your detailed record of her teachers' comments.
Wish you having a lovely term break!
Warmest regards

Thank you very much for your update and favourable comments on Sophie.  We are also glad that she performs well both socially & academically and enjoys her time at school.  At the beginning, we didn't enrol her for boarding for the whole school year as we were not sure if she would like it or not.  Up till now, we are sure that she likes so much staying at your boarding house.
Warmest regards

Many thanks I really appreciate your excellent communication and your kind care for Aya academic and emotional well-being. 

I am so delighted to hear about this and very grateful for being a great family for Aya. I will check the blog tomorrow I am just so pleased and specially that she is happy and comfortable. I think this would not have been possible without your excellent care and diligence that I have seen from the first day specially from  You and Sarah and the CDL esteemed team.  I talk to her on the phone let us hope all will be fine.

I have received Aya report card would like to thank you very much for immensely helping her to maintain grade level...I am just so happy, I also recommended for a family whose their son is also at Grade 9 in Aya old school in Tunis to sign him up next year with Collége du léman ...he will be boarding and they are coming on Tuesday for school tour.

I'm very happy that Valeriya is happy and enjoying school. For her it was new challenge and I'm very proud for her.
Vadim P.

You are so dedicated with the girls at the house. Good luck,

You are now her house parent or better say like a mother and she loves you very much. 
Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay warm because winter is coming. 
Thank you,

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