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Primary News

At this time of year, we continue to provide high quality learning for the students and have a strategic look at future developmental priorities for the Primary school. 

  • Primary News

In recent weeks we have looked at our Science curriculum, the scientific content coverage and the development of children’s scientific skills. This week we have begun the review of our Literacy provision.

Guided by Mrs Mawdsley, the staff have looked at how we teach handwriting and what our philosophical approach to handwriting is. The staff then began restructuring their units of work to ensure that they are providing opportunities for children to write for the following purposes:

  • to entertain
  • to inform
  • to persuade
  • to discuss

All these writing purposes will be taught at a deeper level to develop children’s mastery in writing and ensure a balance of writing genres is developed for all the children as they transition through the school.

Running parallel to this was a session run by Mrs Ali. Mrs Ali worked with our Learning Support Assistants to focus on reading strategies and the importance of phonemic awareness and vocabulary development. This progressed into a focus on questioning readers to ensure the children have a deeper understanding and comprehension of texts. 

I’m sure that, you yourselves are looking ahead to the future too. With this in mind please be reminded that we will have some slight changes in the Primary uniform, as previously communicated. The main change is the requirement that boys have grey shorts or trousers and girls have plain grey or blue tights or leggings. Additionally all indoor shoes are required to be black. This information can be found on our website at http://www.nordangliaeducation.com/our-schools/budapest/our-school/our-uniform

As these are only slight changes we will operate a transition or ‘growing out’ period from the current blue trousers next academic year.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Russell

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