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Priority admissions open at Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong

23 October 2013

Nord Anglia Education is delighted to announce the opening of priority admissions for our new Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong

Located in the Lam Tin district of East Kowloon, the Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong will open on 1stSeptember 2014 and will offer the English National Curriculum to students aged from five to 12 years old (Years 1-7). Years 8 and 9 will open in 2015/16, and the school intends to explore options for Years 10 to 13.

“We’re extremely proud to be able to bring the quality of education that we’ve developed in our other schools around the world to Hong Kong. We’ve already had a really positive response from parents here, many of whom know the outstanding reputation of our schools globally,” says Andrew Fitzmaurice, Nord Anglia Education’s Chief Executive Officer. 

Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong will bring Nord Anglia Education's bespoke High Performance Learning methodology and Global Classroom concept to its Hong Kong students. 

Professor Deborah Eyre, Nord Anglia Education’s Director of Education explains: “When it comes to schooling, what every parent wants is for their child to do well and achieve highly. Good schools and caring parents have always sought this, but have assumed that high performance is not possible for all.”

Professor Eyre’s approach inspires students to go beyond simply absorbing knowledge, and to develop the confidence to apply it, question it, and use critical analysis to build their own opinions. High Performance Learning has driven strong academic results.

Nord Anglia Education has been a pioneer in applying the latest neuro-science and psychology research into how students learn to the classroom, with remarkable results. “In short, we now know that the brain is more malleable than we thought: we can make ourselves more intelligent if we are systematic about how we do it,” says Professor Eyre.

For details on the Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong admissions procedures and application form, please visit: www.nais.hk


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