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23 June, 2023

BISAD Diploma Awards

BISAD Diploma Awards - BISAD Diploma Awards
It’s been a wonderful week across the school with so many exciting events taking place. A number of those occasions have included the BISAD Diploma Awards Ceremonies where the Bronze, Silver and Gold achievers from this year’s cohorts were announced. 

These were celebrated across all year groups from Year 1 – 10 in our new auditorium for the first time. The auditorium was a fitting location in acknowledgement of the experiences and achievements that have taken place this year and been recorded and reflected upon, in their BISAD Diplomas.

As the world opened up in 2023, so has the school with all the amazing opportunities it has to offer, and so have each and everyone of our students. It’s been a privilege to see all the brilliant things students have got involved with this year, both in school and in our wider community, that have been recorded in their BISAD Diploma evidence submissions.

We were immensely proud of the students who performed through piano or singing recitals, or gave speeches at our BISAD Diploma assemblies in Secondary, where they shared their actions and reflections on their experiences from this year. Their insights into how the BISAD Diploma supports them to grow personally and socially, and equips them with the attributes and skills they need for the future, were truly inspiring.

On Monday, we look forward to further celebrations with students who achieved their BISAD Diploma Gold Award this year at our BISAD Diploma Golden Ball Celebration. We had a record number of students achieving this ambitious milestone this year, a testament to the curious, resilient and passionate students we have at BISAD. Well done everyone, we can’t wait to see what you do next year….

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