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09 June, 2023

Year 6 trip to SeaWorld by Hasan 6F

Year 6 trip to SeaWorld by Hasan 6F - Year 6 trip to SeaWorld by Hasan 6F
Year 6 trip to SeaWorld by Hasan 6F
Monday, 29th May was one of my favourite days of school. You must be wondering, what happened? I went on a trip to SeaWorld. 

It was like being in a different realm based on the vast, magnificent ocean. During the day, we explored the wonders of nature. We experienced many emotions: joy while having fun with our friends; excitement while riding the bus; amazement while witnessing the Dolphin Show; and fright while on the Manta rollercoaster.

We had a blast playing on the rides in ‘Micro-Ocean’; my favourite was the roller coaster. The Dolphin Show was breath-taking - no words can even describe it. The dolphins were trained by professionals, and they could perform tricks that I never knew were possible! The dolphins were rewarded with treats (smelly, slimy fish).

We were all ravenous after the exhilarating sights, so we went to eat a scrumptious lunch in one of the cafes in ‘Tropical Ocean’. During the trip, we saw many incredible marine animals such as seals, sea otters, and starfish.

To end the amazing day with a bang, we decided to ride the biggest rollercoaster there - Manta! This was the most terrifying ride as we were twisted in all directions and spun upside down. Even Mrs. Butterworth was screaming.

After a long day of merriment, it was over. I will never forget this day as I created ever-lasting bonds with my friends that will last a lifetime.


Hasan 6F


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